[Community Feedback] CS60 Blackshot Reborn

DIABO_GameMastersDIABO_GameMasters Posts: 1,327BS ServerHead Professional
Hello Soldiers,

We just released the CS60 Blackshot Reborn update and we would appreciate if you could first play (a lot) and later share your feedback with us here: 

CS60 Blackshot Reborn

As usual, your feedback is really important to us and we guarantee you that it will be for sure taken under consideration for improvements on future updates.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and enjoy the new update!

Team Blackshot
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  • xqzme88xqzme88 Posts: 6Approved Member Beginner
    Removing BP Rayne was pretty good but removing her completely wouldve been better. The new BP Rifle is good. Cash Rifle again pretty much 0 recoil and the Shotgun ( do i really have to talk about it? ). Easter Eggs are pretty standart. Yeah so for me its a pretty solid update - couldve been worse.

    WAIT there is something worse - the new char with all Shotgun tactics included. Lets wait for those guys who will play this char with Holy SHotgun, M4Spr.90 ( metal ) or SPAS and with the blitzkrieg tactic on top.
  • G3N33SISSG3N33SISS Posts: 3Approved Member
    The following error has been occurring after maintenance:
    "An error has been detected. Please restart Blackshot. In case the error still persists, please reinstall Blackshot."

    I have tried restarting the game numerous times and even reinstalled it. Still not working!
    Please help.

  • alivaok3alivaok3 Posts: 1Approved Member
    My GameGuard auto close after start game (GAMEMON check error) after update cs:60
  • PocketPocket Posts: 3Approved Member
    just 5 clans left in cw channel. thx for making the level to captain for playing cw just because you guys are incapable to patch that hacks. gg
  • SenShaTTSenShaTT Posts: 4Approved Member
    edited March 2016
    - like Pocket above me mentioned, Clanwars Channel are now only avaible from Captain and higher? Only because of the reason that you can't get the job done to patch the hacks/be active and close rooms for the CW Channels? << it needs desperately some improvements. 
    - Hello, giftsystem where are you hiding?
    - it was a weak "move" to re"move" the Rayne from the Shop and put it the next day in the Goldbox. 
    - you could have done atleast a little bit more according to the easter season, except for the same old stuff there's nothing special.

    Ellie (she's hoooooot, good job Vertigo) :D
    New Goldbox System!!! (also some better items, on every Goldbox card)

    Teacher, Senpai, Master, Sensei and....

    ....also your SUPREME LEADER

    Back in Business soon
  • MPVshotMPVshot Posts: 60Approved Member Beginner
    edited March 2016
    "removing rayne" everyone buys it for a yr with BP and it gets moved into cash only section
    #1 anti hack and I see a hacker today
    nina removed and everyone has their nina taken and refunded but it can't happen for rayne just loads of lies to the community you treat us like cash cows only the only good thing you actually did was "allow" us to easily buy 10 boxes in goldboxes which is very good for you I am sure enjoy my video on it
  • DIABO_GameMastersDIABO_GameMasters Posts: 1,327BS ServerHead Professional
    Thank you all for your feedback and hope you enjoy the update. If by chance you experience any issues or notice any bugs we would appreciate if you could imediately inform us about it.
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  • DIABO_GameMastersDIABO_GameMasters Posts: 1,327BS ServerHead Professional
    @MPVshot: We appreciate your feedback as usual but the video cannot be posted here due to offensive language/insults...
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  • MrDeyveeNMrDeyveeN Posts: 393Approved Member Intermediate
    edited March 2016

    We can't achieve this one (achievement "Welcome to BlackShot")


  • ImLeviathanImLeviathan Posts: 4Approved Member Beginner
    edited March 2016
    @DIABO_GameMasters i think there is a problem with paypal payments not going through for people in the UK and just says pending my payment has been pending for 10 days now. I think this might be worth looking into
  • MPVshotMPVshot Posts: 60Approved Member Beginner
    @ImLeviathan Yeah don't worry man I have £75 pending now for 3 days with PayPal I have always used this to buy BSC but after this new site came along and I used the new portal it's broke...
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