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    Hello Soldiers!

    We're looking original pieces of short (150-300 words) creative writing set in the Warrock world. We'll be accepting submissions
    until the next content update. We'll then choose 10 pieces to be the winner (or more if there are a lot of really good ones!). The writer will get their name in the credits and they will receive a package of their choice valued at 1,200 WRC or less as long it's still available in the itemshop.

    Time to get typing!

    +Event Mechanics:
    - From today until the next content update, you can participate in this forum event.
    - This event will run for both servers.
    - Any user can participate in this forum event.
    - Come up with unique and creative story

    +Event Rules:
    - The piece must be set in WarRock. Please no flying unicorns or star destroyers etc. We're not going to nitpick over small details though, and we can always edit out little things that don't quite fit.
    - It can be a story or journal, report, set of notes, book, or something a player might realistically find lying around.
    - Don't make the piece too long, otherwise players probably won't read it. We're probably talking about 150-300 words each.
    - You can submit as many entries as you like. You can make each entry a separate piece of work or you can chain them together to make a series for the player to collect.
    - Try to be creative! The more unique your piece the more chance we'll choose it. We don't want to end up with oh no I got weapons etch.
    - Keep the tone dark and serious as much as possible.
    - It must be your own, brand new, 100% original work (although you are of course allowed to use other things for inspiration etc)
    - Out of topic posts will be removed.
    - Remember that you're not allowed to type any insulting words or phrases.
    - If you have participated with an inappropriate IGN your name will be changed, warned and disqualified.
    - Post your entry below along with the following details:

    Entry Format

    IGN / Nickname:

    Disclaimer - Rules and mechanics may change without any notice. Be sure that you read the post for any updates.

    +Event Rewards:
    - We will select the winning story according to creativity and exclusivity.
    - There will be 10 winners but we'll have more if there are a lot of really good ones.
    - Each winner will receive a package of their choice valued at 1,200 WRC or less!


    War Rock Team.

  • [BS-GLB EVENT] BlackShot Horror Picture Show


     Event Mechanics: 

    - From 22 oct - 17 nov, you need to create a Halloween themed BlackShot video montage;

    - Upload your video montage to YouTube with the title ‘BlackShot Horror Story : IGN/Character Name’;

    - Share your video montage YouTube link on this event topic with your BlackShot account 
    IGN/Character Name;

    All participants will be reward and 5 lucky winners will receive top rewards;

     Event Rewards: 

    - 5 Lucky Winners: Seasonal Weapons Package 7 days;

    - Participants: AS Val Biohazard 3 days;

     Event Rules: 

    - We will only consider as valid participants users that follow the event mechanics;

    - You can participate multiple times but all entries will be considered as 1;

    - Video montages need to be made with your account;

    - Behavior that violates our abuse policy is grounds for disqualification from this event;

    Team BlackShot