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  • [GM's Response] We are unable to play UWO on a 32bit system?

    Seems alot of players are having issues with UWO compatibility with their 32bit system, it would royally suck if they made the game only capable of running on 64bit systems. If this is the case, may need to bug PP about it. Im told another of 1 their games has the same issue and has never been resolved, the game dekaron apparently went from 32/64bit to only supported by 64bit. it would mean anyone on an old system running 32bit will not be able to play. please check and comment if you're running 32bit.
  • [Poll] New Christmas Guns

    Hello Soldiers,

    We know Christmas is a long time away and we haven't yet released the Halloween Patch (don't worry it is coming shortly). However, we would love to hear your thoughts on which guns we should make for our Christmas Packages! 

    If you pick a gun for each class and enter your nickname you have a chance to win a Christmas Package of your choice! 
    *winners will be announced December 1st

    Only one submission per user. If we see that you spam responses you will not be eligible to win.

    You also have the chance to tell us what else you would like to see in the Christmas Patch and even submit your own gun designs.


    War Rock Team
  • Bon Voyage to the UWO World! Game Servers Are Up!

    Ahoy Captains/Sailors,

    The UWO game servers are finally up for your new journey!

    Hop on to the servers and start your adventure now!

    Don't forget to redeem your Founders Rewards or Welcome Package at nearby Bank!

    Best regards,

    Team Uncharted Waters

  • [EVENT] Defeat the Polizei - Finished

    Hello soldiers,

    It's time to take out your Dirndl or your Lederhosen for the Oktoberfest!

    BlackShot also wants to celebrate the Oktoberfest with the [**Event**] Defeat the Polizei.  On this event the GMs will be the Polizei who will make sure that the Oktoberfest doesn't get out of controll! 

     Event Mechanics:

    • From 26/09/17 to 23/10/17, every Friday at 20:00 (CET) the GM team will create a room with the name [**Event**] Defeat the Polizei; 

    • We will announce the Server and Channel and also the password to the room and you need to try to join the room as fast as possible;

    • The objective of this event is to defeat the GM Polizei team;

    • All matches will be live streamed on our YouTube Channel at the following link:

     Event Rules:

    • Rejoining is not allowed;

    • Only default characters are allowed (Rayne, Mantis, etc.. are not allowed);

    • All weapons are allowed except Throwing Knife;

    • You can only participate once per day and if you win on this or any other in game event promoted by the GM Team, you can only participate 7 days after (to give the chance to participate & win to more players);

    • If you break the event rules or disrupted the organization of the event you will not be rewarded and you will be blocked from from all in game events for a specific period;

     Event Rewards:

    • All players will receive a G36 Polizei for 1 day;

    • If your team wins, you will all receive a G36 Polizei for 3 days;

    •  The MVP will receive Polizei for 7 days;

    Are you ready to defeat the GMs and continue the party?

    Team BlackShot

  • Thief User

    Dear R3voxWR

    Thank you for your heads-up. 
    As requested, I am closing this discussion. 

    Enjoy your day in-game!

  • GM: Inspect Sacred Claw 175 droprate is 0% ! BUGGED

    I made like 30 fast runs in sacred claw and nothing have dropped, not even a tongue and it requies 100 lol ,

    Please GM check this !!!!