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  • [Papaya War Rock] Weapon Balance (Part 1)

    Hello Soldiers!

    We are happy to present to you our first Weapon Balancing patch! This patch was solely made for our version of War Rock. We want to continue to try and improve the game and we know that a big part of that is balancing.

    Please watch the following video and then go in-game to test the weapons out for yourself!

    Please give us your feedback regarding our first Weapon Balance patch. If possible keep it concise. If you would like to talk more regarding possible future balances please create another discussion and link it here so we can keep everything nice and organized.

    Weapons that were modified by us in this patch:
    Gauntlet, Glock, Desert Eagle, Scar_H, XM8, AK47, G36, Spectre M4, P90, Vector, AW50F, PSG_1, MK1S

    Weapons that were modified by DE:
    Stinger Winter, DSR1TC, NTW-20

    The modifications of the weapons we listed apply to all versions of the gun.

    We understand that 2 of the changes we made still need to be improved, i.e. the AW50F and PSG. Please watch the whole video as we have some important information at the end!


    War Rock Team

  • WarRock Spanish

    Hello, I play Warrock from the beginning with K2 Network and I have been watching over the years as new languages ​​were added, but never Spanish, are you going to put it someday?