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  • Holiday Season Screenshot Event!


    Holiday Season Screenshot Event

    Share your screenshots of achievement(s) that you have made
    so far in Maris Server and win the special prizes!

    [Entry Period]

    After Maintenance on December 13th to 2:00 PM on December
    28th (Server time)

    [Voting Period]

    After Maintenance on December 13th to 2:00 PM on January
    3rd, 2018 (Server time)

    [How to Play]

    - The theme of this event is basically open for anything,
    but try to show us what you have achieved in Maris server so far.

    - Make a "Comment" on this Event Forum Post (click
    button below) with your *character name, a quick note on what you have achieved
    in game so far* and *a screenshot of your character* during the Entry Period.

    - A player can post a screenshot only once per IP address.

    - Players are to "Like" their favorite screenshots
    among the entries to determine the Top 5 entries during the Voting Period.

    - Players can "Like" as many entries as they like.

    - In case of the same number of "Likes," an entry
    that was posted first will receive precedence.

    - Using graphics software such as Photoshop and Windows
    Paint, players can add captions or a tiny bit of effects, but they cannot alter
    backgrounds or characters in their screenshots.



     * The prizes will be distributed through in-game Bank.

     * We recommend to use an image hosting website such as to upload your file and use the link for your post.

    **Entry is Closed**

    Thank you for your participation! You can still Like the post(s) you like until 2 PM PST, January 3rd, 2018.


    Hey, Im an old player, i mean it. So this update was a good try, but it changes everything. The little things about this game the good ones were removed, while most of the bad stuff still around. Here is a short brief review, I would recomend no to delete this since it might help you reinforce the update.

    1st. The most touching, and bothering feature is the removal of headshots. This was a game where you could choose to be a headliner, to be a sniper,  or to be a sprayer, with smgs and even riffles. Now Headliners are useless and that good sensation of hitting a headshot is completly gone. I rather playing COD with better graphics for that.
    2nd. Snipers are a joke, you can't kill 1 shot, but get killed 1 shot. I have no idea if it was that specific player's sniper but i was getting one shot while i shot him 1st. NO I DIDNT HIT HIS LEGS (OLD PLAYER REMEMBER)...
    3rd. The accuracy of every weapon is just nuts; none hits the actual cross hair, meaning its more luck than actual aim.
    4th. There is no permanent weapons, what do you mean by i have to pay an insane amount to restock it(Repair it). Its rly slow to make bp in this game.
    5th. It is still pay2win, huge advantages over non cash players, tho I have to say it was a good thing to make medkit GOLD.
    6th. A whole other game, even tho it looks the same and the switch glitch is still a thing, when people join it still freezes.
    7th. I quit before this update had a whole year without looking into it, but this is a bad turn blackshot, UI is not appealing.

    Overall I will gladly provide an idea that will suit most of the players hoping this update will be something like..
    INSTEAD OF UPDATING YOU CAN OUTDATE IT. We were happy with the once old blackshot.
    Thats all I have to say, as of now I'm inactive nor thing of opening the game ever but here with a last hope. 
    Trust me, you are gonna loose everyone if something is not done SOOON.
  • Critism of the new update

    Hey dear Blackshot community,

    I just want to share my opinion of the new update. It would be great if some other Players can say also something.
    Firstly i have to criticize that all old weapons which was at Blackshot EU / Twowar also in Shop came back for cash.
    I was so happy that normal weapons would come back and now i've seen that they are for gems. An AK Normal ? kidding … Each patch they bring more cashweapons in the shop and nothing for cashless Players.
    Secondly why the hell is this weaponRace in competetiv mode. The most Players already cries if the match will become TFM. Now u have the Chance 1/3 for getting search and destroy. In the past i had the choice between the mode which i want to play. WeaponRace must be removed there ! 
    3rd … the Price for G2.00 is also an Omega package … really imaginative
    You must gift the Players a Goal and a reason for playing blackshot … at the moment i cant see something like this.
    Where is the most important feature of this game ? The mastery … this should be one of the first steps of your work.
    Comp Maps are a joke too. ist boring to Play all time the same. and 3 Maps … isnt enough

    Blackshot will die if u will continue with your work like this. In my opinion u dont want to safe the game u still want to destroy it and hope the community will leave. 

    I think u Need in your Team some old Players who Play this game for more than since 2013 for helping you. 

    Greetings ... a Player who loved this Game
  • Survival of Medics

    Event Info

    Jan 19

    GAME 1
    Room# 24
    Password: survive

    - zizoJR
    - lHardCorel

    GAME 2 
    Room# 9
    Password: SM2

    - EzlMiljaan
    - Goyqt

    GAME 3
    Room# 18
    Password: SMG3

    - anki23
    - Espera

    Event Info
  • Windows 7 Support Ending on Jan 15th, 2020

    Ahoy Captains, 

    Uncharted Waters Online will no longer be supported on Windows 7 starting from January 15th, 2020, as Microsoft will be ending its support of Windows 7 operating system.

    While UWO will still be accessible to play on Windows 7 after this period, we strongly recommend players to move to Windows 10 in order to be able to run the game properly. 

    Please note that if a player is running UWO on Windows 7 after this period and experiences issues with the game, we may not be able to provide full support.

    We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    See you all on the seas!

    -Team Uncharted Waters

  • [Event] Prisma's Stream

    Hallo soldaten!

    Onze LGM's hebben een aantal streams gedaan over de toekomst van WarRock, maar we geloven dat het ook tijd is om enkele games met onze unieke spelers te streamen! Onze geweldige [HGM]Prisma zal daar zitten om te streamen en je zult niet alleen kunnen zien hoe een GM speelt, maar ook om een ​​aantal willekeurige beloningen te krijgen door hem gewoon te bekijken of met hem te spelen!

    + Evenement Omschrijving:
    -De stream wordt gehouden op 18 en 25 januari om 19.00 uur tot 21.00 uur CET via deze link.
    -Er wordt 30 minuten voorafgaand aan de stream een ​​aankondiging gedaan.

    + Evenement Instellingen:
    - Omdat dit een stream is, is de modus / kaart die we spelen aan jou!
    -Je kunt elke modus / kaart voorstellen via het chatsysteem op Twitch of via de in-game chat.
    -De room wordt tijdens het streamen gedeeld, dus zorg ervoor dat je incheckt!

    + Evenement Regels:
    -Je kunt niemand uit de room kicken.
    -Je kunt slechts één keer een beloning ontvangen.

    + Evenement prijzen:
    - Prijzen worden willekeurig gegeven aan de gebruikers die kijken en spelen (d.w.z. een naam uitroepen of een loterij houden.)

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Het War Rock Team