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  • [EVENT] Protect the GM

    Hello soldiers,

    Our GM Team started once again at War! Choose your side and protect once again your favorite GM on the new Event Protect the GM!

     Event Mechanics:

     From 12/01/18 to 02/02/18, every Friday at 20:00 (MYT) the GM team will create several rooms with the name [**EVENT**] Protect the GM;

     We will announce the channel and also the password to the room and you need to try to join the room as fast as possible;

     The objective of this event is to protect your team’s GM and kill the opposing team’s GM and members. The winners will be the team on which the GM has fewer deaths;

     Event Rules:

     • Rejoining is now allowed;

     • Only default characters are allowed (Rayne, Mantis, Travis II, etc.. are not allowed);

     •  You can only participate once per week and if you win on this or any other in game event promoted by the GM Team, you can only participate 7 days after (to give the chance to participate & win to more players);

     • If you break the event rules or disrupted the organization of the event you will not be rewarded and you will be blocked from the event;

     Event Rewards:

     • Participants - All participants will receive a BSC weapon for 1 day;

     • Winning Team - All members of the winning team will receive a BSC weapon for 3 days;

     • MVP - The MVP will receive a BSC weapon for 7 days;

    Choose your side and prepare once again for battle!

    Team BlackShot
    arjun007zAboMourad153baymax12345dragonhaikalmakyih789masterluppy200rashrashid41jacksonsim1990azrulfatin123mamatcool99and 1 other.
  • [Event] 2017’s Highlights of War [UPDATED]


    Hello Soldiers,

    The year 2017 is counting down its final hours, and the War Rock team couldn’t be happier looking back at the past 4 months.

    After War Rock found its new home on Papaya Play, we have seen plenty of fun events, action-packed clashes and battles, and all manner of awesome creative user-created content, and every single one of us here at Papaya Play would like to THANK YOU for joining us since August. Thank you for bearing with us during some lows, and thank you for your participation and contribution during the highs! We are very much looking forward to an even more exciting year 2018 with every single one of our soldiers!

    To properly honour this eventful year (or, rather, the 4-months-young War Rock era under Papaya Play), we would like to know the highlights and most memorable War Rock moments you’ve had since August! We are also curious to hear about what you plan to pursue in 2018 in both War Rock and real life!

    Event Rules:
    1) Share a memory with us by submitting either a screenshot or video with a little story about the memory.
    2) Share your War Rock New Year’s resolution!
    3) Share a real life New Year's resolution!

    - 5 lucky winners to be rewarded with a weapon of their choice for 30 days!
    - ALL submissions will be rewarded with Firecracker for 3 days as a participation gift

    Duration of Event:
    - December 31st 2017 and January 10th 2018 (CET),

    We look forward to your stories, as well as a healthy, happy & war-loaded year 2018! Happy New Year, Soldiers!


    Thank you to everyone who participated!

    Everyone that participated should have already received their participation gift, Firecracker for 3 days. 

    The 5 lucky winners are:

    1) distortion
    2) KingKazma
    3) sosikx7
    4) Chantie
    5) xBorisItisx

    Please send us a PM with the weapon of your choice.

    We hope everyone is able to keep their New Year resolutions!

    *The event will be unlocked on December 31st.
    *The five winners will be announced shortly after the event concludes.


    War Rock Team
  • EXP Event


    There wasn't an EXP event in the Holiday times. We apologize for that.

    There will be an EXP event this January to compensate for the inconvenience that occurred during the holiday times. The EXP event will have a bigger boost and perhaps a longer duration, 

    As soon as we have an ETA, we will update this thread

    Stay tuned.

    UPDATE: The EXP event will begin the 11th of January and will last until the 19th of January. The event will have a server-wide 150% EXP boost.
  • [Event] Tag you're it!

    Hello Soldiers,

    Do you remember playing tag when you were a child? We want you to be able to re-live those childhood memories in this event!


    +Event Mechanics:
    - On January 13th, 21st, and 28th @ 19:00 CET the event will start on the DESERTDOGS server
    We will be inviting people to the room that have posted here on the forums saying they understand and agree to the event rules. (Make sure that you post on the account that you wish to play on - and include your nickname)
    - The objective is to kill the HGM with knuckles. 

    +Event Settings:
    - Mode: FFA, knuckles only
    - Kill Point: 10 kills
    - Time limit: 20 minutes
    - The HGM that is in the room will be wearing a special costume to stand out (Hero Suit - don't worry it has a normal health bar).


    +Event Rules:
    - You can ONLY try to kill the HGM (in the Hero Suit). If we catch anyone killing others you will be removed from the room and will not be able to participate in the rest of the events for January.
    - Don't worry the HGM cannot kill you, they can only run away

    +Event Rewards
    - Every time that you kill the HGM you will receive the following:
    1x Engineer / Medic Mystery Box
    1x Sniper Mystery Box
    1x Assault Mystery Box
    1x Heavy Trooper Mystery Box

    - If you kill the HGM 2x you will receive 2 of each Mystery Box, etc.


    War Rock Team
  • [EVENT] Protect the GM


    Bonjour mercenaires,

    Notre GM Team a recommencé la Guerre! Choisissez votre côté et protégez une fois de plus votre GM préféré sur le nouvel événement Protégez le GM!

    ✪ Les principes de l'Event:

     Du 12.01.18 au 02.02.18, tous les vendredi à 20:00 (CET) la GM Team créera plusieurs salles d'Event avec le nom[**EVENT**] Protect the GM;

     Nous annoncerons le Serveur et le Canal mais aussi le mot de passe de la salle et vous devrez rejoindre la salle le plus rapidement possible;

     L'objectif de cet événement est de protéger le GM de votre équipe et de tuer le GM et les membres de l'équipe adverse. Les gagnants seront l'équipe sur laquelle le GM a moins de morts;

     Les règles:

     • Rejoindre n'est pas autorisé;

     • Uniquement les personnages par défaut sont autorisés (Rayne, Mantis, etc... ne sont pas autorisés);

     •  Vous ne pouvez participer qu'une fois par jour et si vous gagnez sur cet Event ou sur n'importe quel autre Event promu par la GM Team, vous ne pourrez participer de nouveau seulement 7 jours après (pour donner la chance de participer et de gagner aux autres joueurs);

     • Si vous ne respectez par ces règles ou nuisez à l'organisation de l'Event vous ne serez pas récompensé et vous serez bloqué de tous les autres Events pour une période définie;

     Les récompenses:

     • Participants - Tous les participants recevront une arme BSC pendant 1 jour;

     • L'équipe gagnante - Tous les membres de l'équipe gagnante recevront une arme BSC pendant 3 jours;

     • MVP - Le MVP recevra une arme BSC pendant 7 jours;

    Choisissez votre camp et préparez-vous à nouveau au combat!

    Team BlackShot
  • [Event] 2017’s Highlights of War [UPDATED]

    Hello Papaya!! Hello Troopers!! 
    Happy new year all!!! :)
    I played for the beginning, saw many players and many, many game updates for G1, Nexon and Papaya...
    When Papaya took Warrock I think game is over!! But I am pleasantly dissapointed!! Bring some new in game... The first what i loved Toy skin and toy mp5k:

    This one the first, when i think the game wil evolve in the right direction.... 4months 4 "big" update nice packages, events, prizes, weapons. Well Done!!
    My Warrock resolution: More package, more weapons, clan logo upload, spend more time gaming GM's on server
    My real life resolution: More time to playing!! :P

  • Character name not appropriate because it's part of URL?

    Captain CrzyPsycoChick,

    For better understanding, I would like to explain the reason why we are unaware if the name with an URL belongs to the IGN, HannukahHarry, in chronological order:

    1. We received a report about the name with the URL.
    2. We sent out the warning email linked to the email address associated with the inappropriate IGN and the account, suggesting to change their IGN.
    3. The user has deleted all his characters in that account including one with the inappropriate IGN. 
    4. Because all the characters are gone, we thought there was no issue with the account and closed the case. 

    After that...

    5. One user uploaded a part of his email sent to Papaya Play's official email address without showing which account or character name he is referring to. Since we received the email previously, we recognized the email's contents/details. However, because all characters in the account are not existing anymore, at this point, I mentioned that "we are even unsure if HannukahHarry or Hannukah_Harry character is (or was) in the same account as the name including the URL."

    Hope this makes sense for you, and we will be unable to discuss further in regard to this case.

    Thank you for your understanding,

  • Whats up GM's/Papaya Team or Whatever, any updates regarding your GM SHOP issue? I for one is waitin

    Its about time you give us some updates regarding your "investigation" and solutions to fix this shits.

    * ban people [ we need names ]
    * kick gm's included in this fking shit.
    * kick dev, coz fk man, they always release bug events and stuff.