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  • [Event] Holding out for a hero

    Hello, Soldiers!

    As you might well know, November is the month devoted to those people who were present in our lives at any moment and that are no longer by our side. Some of our heroes have already passed away, but in this event we want you to become the hero of your teammates to lead them to the win!

    +Event Mechanics:
    - On the weekends from 18:00 to 00:00 (CET) the event will be run on the Global Server.
    - At the time specified by the GM running the event, we will remove the password of the room - first come first serve!

    +Event Settings:
    - Channel: CQC
    - Mode: Hero Mode
    - Map: Might change each day

    +Event Rules:
    - You are not allowed to vote kick other users.
    - Remember that cooperating with the enemy hero to get easy kills is strictly forbidden.
    - You can only win once.
    - Have fun!

    +Event Rewards:
    - The top 5 users on the winning team and the top 3 users on the losing team will receive a weapon of their choice for 30 days.



    November 16th:
    - JakeWR
    - CihadRevolution
    - Haribooo
    - Chowdong
    - Mhayre
    - AgentX
    - Rosenweiss
    - faake

    We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the event, but to special congratulate those users who won! Please, remember to send in a ticket selecting the gun you wish to receive as a reward for winning. Also, keep in mind you have a maximum of one month to claim your prize.

    Kind regards,

    Your War Rock Team.
  • Halloween Costume Party!


    Event Winners!
    - eXeHephaetuS

    - lRClxTurquoise

    - RPm1CrObyO


    Kindly submit a ticket with the title "HCP Event" along with your ign + GUN (30D) of your choice + package (1) of your choice valued 1000 WRC or less.