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  • Best Shooter!

    BEST SHOOTER Nickname: ZAlZentax
    Date of gameplay: February 11 2020
    Kill Count: 59-22
    Video Link:
  • Play Warrock with Ryzen

    Since WarRock is an older game having such a processor of either power of AMD or Intel would only make your overall performance better. I hope this helps and answers your question.
  • Weapon Balance part 1 Feedback & Explaining about Weapon Balancing

    New Year, New Bump once again :D I remember typing this thread for hours.

  • [Event] Prisma's Stream

    Hallo soldaten!

    Onze LGM's hebben een aantal streams gedaan over de toekomst van WarRock, maar we geloven dat het ook tijd is om enkele games met onze unieke spelers te streamen! Onze geweldige [HGM]Prisma zal daar zitten om te streamen en je zult niet alleen kunnen zien hoe een GM speelt, maar ook om een ​​aantal willekeurige beloningen te krijgen door hem gewoon te bekijken of met hem te spelen!

    + Evenement Omschrijving:
    -De stream wordt gehouden op 18 en 25 januari om 19.00 uur tot 21.00 uur CET via deze link.
    -Er wordt 30 minuten voorafgaand aan de stream een ​​aankondiging gedaan.

    + Evenement Instellingen:
    - Omdat dit een stream is, is de modus / kaart die we spelen aan jou!
    -Je kunt elke modus / kaart voorstellen via het chatsysteem op Twitch of via de in-game chat.
    -De room wordt tijdens het streamen gedeeld, dus zorg ervoor dat je incheckt!

    + Evenement Regels:
    -Je kunt niemand uit de room kicken.
    -Je kunt slechts één keer een beloning ontvangen.

    + Evenement prijzen:
    - Prijzen worden willekeurig gegeven aan de gebruikers die kijken en spelen (d.w.z. een naam uitroepen of een loterij houden.)

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Het War Rock Team
  • Server Connectivity Issues and Server Migration

    Ahoy Captains, 

    With the recent server connectivity issues on Uncharted Waters Online, we would like to announce that we have been working to change to a different server provider company and are finally reaching to the completion of a new server migration.

    With the new server we hope to improve the situation and to provide more stability for the players.

    Our IT team is currently working hard for a smooth transition to the new server and we are working to finalize the date of the transfer.

    We are targeting the transfer to occur in January or February 2020. Once the date is finalized, we will announce it.

    Please keep note that switching to a new server does not mean server reset or wipe, so players will not lose their characters or game progress.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

     See you all on the seas!

    -Team Uncharted Waters

  • Retail counting down

    Its Nexons fault. Not Papayas.
  • Retail counting down

    Permanent means 3000- 5000 Days.Thats what it is.
    Your Mosin from Nexon shows a Timer because you got it for 3000 - 5000 Days. As you got every other "Permanent" aswell. Thats how the System works. The Publisher who sold those "Perms" will reinject them as long as the Game is in their range of service in that moment.

    Its up to you to believe me or not. Because i am kinda "Mr know it all".
    About the Reinjection:

    Nexon sold Permaments. Those Nexon Permanents showing a timer now - If NEXON would still be the Publisher, Nexon would reinject you those Permanents.
    They stopped simply because of the fact that you WON THOSE PERMS AT NEXON OR G1. Its not their "problem" that those retails have a timer now.  Thats why they reinjected it as "gesture of goodwill".
  • Retail counting down

    You should Inform urselfe BEFORE you start to cry or to create such a thread.

    Those so called "Permaments" have never existed. Permament in WarRock = 3000 - 5000 Days. (with 2 exceptions)
    If you get or win somth permament it basicly means that you get the Item / weapon for 3000 - 5000 Days.
    3000 - 5000 Days --> 8,2 - 13,6 Years.
    As soon as your "Invisible Timer" reaches 1820 Days --> Timer gets visible again and displays the countdown.
    3000 Days - 1820 Days = 3,2 Years
    5000 Days - 1820 Days= 8,7 Years
    So EVERY "PERMANENT WEAPON" will show a timer after ~3,2 to ~8,7 Years.

    Now. Simple Question: what was 3,2 to 8,7 Years ago? Yes exactly. Nexon & Gamersfirst. So go and cry in their forums LOL.
    PapayaPlay "retails" will show a timer in ~1 to ~7 years. Come back then.

    About the 2 expections:
    1.) Old K2 / G1 8 Slot retails (G36C_D, Famas, AI_AW, M134, M249, MedicKit_2, SmokeNade)
    2.) Nexon & Papaya 8 Slot Acc Creation Retails (P90, Flashbang, M60, MedicKit2, MP5K, SmokeNade)
    exceptions are "true" permanents. Because those Guns count as "Default
    Guns" like mp5 or colt. Those weapon doenst have a timer.

  • [Event] Prisma's Stream

    Hello, soldiers!

    Our LGMs have been doing some streams talking about the future of WarRock, but we believe it's also time to stream some games with our unique players! Our amazing [HGM]Prisma will be sitting there to stream and not only will you be able to spectate how a GM plays, but also to get some random rewards by simply watching it or playing with him!

    +Event Mechanics:
    -The stream will be held on the 15th of February at 15:00 PM till 17:00 PM CET and 29th of February at 19:00 PM till 21:00 PM CET on this link. The stream that is planned on 8th of February will be canceled.
    -There will be an announcement made 30 minutes in advance of the stream.

    +Event Settings:
    -As this is a stream the mode/map we are playing will be up to you!
    -You can suggest any mode/map via the chat system on Twitch or via the in-game chat.
    -The room will be shared on stream, so make sure to check in!

    +Event Rules:
    -You cannot kick anyone in the room.
    -You can only receive a reward once.

    +Event Prizes:
    -Prizes will be given at random to the users that are watching and playing.(i.e. calling out a name or holding a raffle.)

    Best Regards,

    Your War Rock Team.

  • [Event] Comic Strip (Global & SEA)

    Defeat is not the end of everything and makes it stop in the struggle, there is nothing to regret. but there are still many open battlefields in the future to services. To achieve something, must be fought first. keep practicing and work hard and never give up in achieving victory rest assured that victory will be obtained in the future with a burning passion.
    Keep strong warRock !!