[RESOLVED] Update on Issues that have been resolved

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We are aware of some issues players have been having and rest assured we are working on every single one of them. Admittedly, our communication that we have been working to fix it has not been the greatest, however that is because we have been busy working to resolve your issues ASAP.


-Exchange NPC Cloy exists
-Non_PK Channel is added
-Missing Guild issues should be resolved now

-(600,300) errors (This was caused by incorrect 2nd passwords)
-Missing characters are fixed - we are now manually checking our DB to ensure we do not miss anyone. (This was caused by timeout or failing to complete the migration process as well as some specific cases of character name length; your characters were not deleted or lost)
-Guild NPC is back! (Likely caused by the NPC taking a brief needed vacation)

-DShop has had more items added:
(Trieste's Golden Key, Holy Water of Almighty 30D, New Seed of
Dream Random Box, New Ossuary of Blacksmith, Blessing of the Goddess 7D, Blessing of the Goddess 3D, Ossuary of Alchemist's Will, Ossuary of Alchemist's Soul, Ossuary of Gemcraft)
Added (Alliance and guild themes, Curse of Incar, Meister Change)

Anyone who was experiencing these issues should be able to log in without issues now.


  • akashi051727akashi051727 Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    How about the 32 bit client issue? When? and do you really intend to fix it or not?
  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate
    edited June 2016

    All sounds great. could you fix the "reconnecting...may take up to 5 minutes" login error now? What happens is- I get to char screen, click connect, and it kicks me back to login place where I put in my ID/password and then says "disconnected from server". Most of the time this happens, or if I try to switch servers. It took me almost 30 minutes to get back on. Please oh please fix! ^^

  • fegyibagi11fegyibagi11 Posts: 36Approved Member Beginner
    I transfered 2 accounts, both accounts were transfered with the same
    email address. Could this be a problme too? the 2 ID-s and the mail
    address  ihope help me im send support tix

  • spathispathi Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    -Missing characters are fixed - we are now manually checking our DB to ensure we do not miss anyone. (This was caused by timeout or failing to complete the migration process as well as some specific cases of character name length; your characters were not deleted or lost)

    still empty chars for 2 accounts
  • StryderTwoStryderTwo Posts: 24Approved Member
    I tried to create a guild tonight and after choosing a name it says failed to create guild no matter what I put.
  • ewankosayoewankosayo Posts: 77Approved Member Beginner
    edited June 2016
    @StryderTwo maybe you have a guild before the transfer? because all guild now are not t showing. those people who have guild before the tranfered xant join or make guild.
  • StryderTwoStryderTwo Posts: 24Approved Member
    edited June 2016

    I was in one but the leader either didn't transfer it in time or has not logged in the game yet. He has been on the forum though but not sure if he is having in game problems.

    *Ok that was the problem. My other char created a guild just fine. Ty @ewankosayo I didn't think of that. Lol

  • mike14701mike14701 Posts: 12Approved Member Beginner
    hmm i have been playing just fine for the past few days and i noticed all the red lettering started getting distorted and could not read them so i uninstalled the client hoping this would fix it but now i can not even play it gets to 1.2.9 on the patch and fails every time why did this not happen when i first installed the client>?
  • RhaellasRhaellas Posts: 96Approved Member Beginner
    edited June 2016
    Have still been having the issues of Disconnecting from character screen, right back to log in screen.  Was able to log in today for about 1/2 hour though.

     However, when trying to go to ANY DK server,  I get instant disconnect from game.    (kind of sux, as the only place I can really farm is either Mitera or Dravis for drops, due to level).

    Still issues with guild, and I haven't tried getting cash for cash shop yet, because of not being able to get past character screen without disconnect since day one,  except for a couple of times, and disconnected fairly quickly anyways after that) but here that is still a problem. 

    Hope this all gets worked out soon, thanks for the update post on here!  That is nice to see =)

  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate
    I hope everyone will continue to send in reports/screenshots of this (reconnecting..may take up to 5 minute, disconnection at login) problem so when the devs get back from the weekend they will see a load of players dealing with the same thing so they will *hopefully* start working on it.
  • lunap4lunap4 Posts: 3Approved Member
    when I made the migration of nexon for papaya came out successful migration , enter my account but does not leave all my characters as I can fix that problem . Thank you
  • unejam1985unejam1985 Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    Were u fix 32bit downloads any 1 have ide were
  • xheartistxheartist Posts: 41Approved Member Beginner
    I still disconnect when I login and choose a character. I login, put second password, pick my character, connect to the channel. > Disconnect from server > Fix please? I'm on 64 Bit Win 7. 
  • chumouchchumouch Posts: 53Approved Member Beginner
    What's goood with the 32 bit client? OMG are you guys really serious?????
  • fegyibagi11fegyibagi11 Posts: 36Approved Member Beginner
    Same problem here log in my accunt  no have characters any1 know more info how many time makeing this problem?
  • osewonosewon Posts: 5Approved Member Beginner
    when i log in and try to connect to divine valley or kalibus from character screen get instantly sent back to login screen please look into this issue as this is happening to all sorts of people throughout the forum
  • mentis12345mentis12345 Posts: 5Approved Member
    I have "found" a solution to this problem as my friend also got this error.

    So what ive told him and fixed his problem is basically starting the Client and let him load till the Trieste sign shows up (Do not click it or anything). Then start a 2nd Client and log in as u usually do and join the Server.
    When you are in the game u can (if u want to) close the first Client to not loose that much power. This works for him and he still plays around ~2 hours without a disconnect.

    This worked for him and I hope this trick also helps u guys to finally enjoy the Game again.

    If u have any questions my bad english caused or just need a more detailed instruction feel free to ask.

    See ya ingame.
    Regards Boneyards
  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate
    @mentis12345 I have the same problem getting kicked to login since papaya launched. this sounds good as I have been trying to figure out how to get beyond char section. sometimes I notice if the ms is over 300 I will log to ardeca but if anywhere from 40-90ms it wont but then it seems through out the day at different times im able to get to ardeca faster then other times, which to me means either the server is too full and it only allows so many at a time or just a connection error that they need to look into. a gm in game said the report has been shown so I hope they fix this next maint. its really getting too difficult to play. Out of all the transfers this is the only time ive had problems like this. (EVERYONE-please oh please keep the reports alive for this issue and send them in so they keep focus to fix this)
  • iMollyiMolly Posts: 145Approved Member
    will you be adding more items in dshop with this maintenance going on now ?

  • jhey1978jhey1978 Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    i transfer my accnt b4 21 and error 600 300 occure now i can log in my accnt but no PAPAYA package any sulution with that?
  • otter700otter700 Posts: 21Approved Member Beginner
    I have some problems with download the patch " Error occurred while downloding patch.Restart the game again." i restart him like 10 times and nothing... 
  • globalgansglobalgans Posts: 4Approved Member Beginner
    i was uninstall and instaled back, but always error at 1.2.9. help pls
  • funchick96funchick96 Posts: 142Approved Member
    @otter700 Sometimes when I have that problem, re-booting my PC eliminates it.  Worst case scenario, I do a fresh install of the game after deleting everything first.
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  • RhaellasRhaellas Posts: 96Approved Member Beginner
    edited June 2016
    @Alii031  I also have been having the same issue since day one. Haven't been able to play really at all.  Today I made on, tried to change channels then poof dc to log in screen.

    On the bright sight I didn't dc when going to Mitera like I had before, there may be some hope yet.  I never had nor seen this many issues trying to play after a changeover.  Never had this many issues trying to play period.

    Edit:  Managed to stay logged in for about 35 minutes then disconnected from Mitera.  It's not my internet nor my pc,  my pc is built up for gaming, and my internet runs 65 mbps dl  7upl not great but not bad.  And as I said I never had this many issues trying to play this game.  It's the game and / or the servers can't handle the amount of people logging in.

    Edit 2 :  Haven't been able to reconnect since my DC from Mitera.  It's right back to the get to character screen select any server and disconnect to the log in screen. (it's 5:24pm est) if that makes any difference.  As in server may be extremely over loaded atm?  IDK.  but I am really frustrated with all of this.
  • PappyPlayPappyPlay Posts: 293Approved Member Intermediate
    Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but we can now look at Forum "History".  Check the bottom of the listings for page selections.  At least THAT ONE THING has been resolved.  

    Now can they please resolve Login and Connection issues?
  • keithangelokeithangelo Posts: 5Member Beginner
    hi Guys my characters are Missing what shoud i do ? please Help i dont know what to do ! 
  • Batman5643Batman5643 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Hi every time i long in to my Hunter it automatically disconnects me to the log in. It then says try again in 5 mins but will never let me back in the game. I also noticed that several others have this issue as well. I tried a few things some of you guys were saying and they have not worked, I would love to play again but any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate
    @Batman5643 there is a post from papaya on this issue(technical support) your having, please post there. this post is for resolved issues only. I have reported it many times myself and sometimes I would get a reply they are working on it or they believe its a routing issue. Check the post from papaya for tips.
  • keithangelokeithangelo Posts: 5Member Beginner
    edited October 2016

    Yes, well done. But the Problems is other people you've never proceeds Like the 5min / MissingCharacters. Now that's more important Part even we dont use real money for this game..................Please do something About that

    P.s:You can Add me on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/osama.lin.94
  • gonza166gonza166 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    xsg error , alguna solucion ? 
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