Lost Characters in my account

Tinuvielka22Tinuvielka22 Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
Dear Papaya play !

I lost all characters in my account at migration.
Can u give me my characters or send mail for my current email ??
I've got all of information in this account.
Thx for your answer.

Sincerly: mam1840@hotmail.com


  • funchick96funchick96 Posts: 142Approved Member
    I had the same problem with one of my accounts.  Have put in a ticket.
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  • thirdeye42thirdeye42 Posts: 5Approved Member Beginner
    Where do I submit a ticket? I don't see a "Submit A Ticket" button anywhere.
  • funchick96funchick96 Posts: 142Approved Member
    Scroll to the top of this Forum screen.  In the upper right (top) tool bar, you'll see a "Support" tab.  Click on that....that will get you into the screen where you can enter a ticket.
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  • DevilTrDevilTr Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    Hi i am DevilTr(OxyGenTr) my account is closed . You blocked my account but ı dont understand ı dont use hack ı dont wrong anything please help me ı want my account.Please ı need your help

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