Verifying nexon EU account/Transfer

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I've been trying to migrate my EU account. When I click verify nexon eu account, nothing happens. I've tried different browsers and it's still the same result. Is the link still working? Please help. Thank you! i'm looking forward to play again.


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    this worked for me:

    i loged in at nexon EU with id and pass then it asked me to log in with my email adress for USERNAME

    i did that then it took me to some page i verifyed something and it went to papaya/migration thing and i saw all my characters above Username there

    from then on i made new email adress and i inserted new username and password and they were in the acc i just made to papaya site from migration thing try it i hope it works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey Leonyx,

    I was able to log in to Nexon EU, then it brought me to migration agreement page, which then I had to create a new email. I created a new email and it states my new ID is my email, but where do I use that to log in? It says my account has migrated and now I don't know what to do next.
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    I then tried using my old username from Dekaron EU at log in screen to the papaya one and it just says invalid authorization key and I've already created a new email and migrated my account. I don't know what to log in with, my forum username on papaya or my old log in from nexon EU? or with my new email?
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    I got a response from one of my Tickets about something similar to your problem.

    Thank you for contacting the Help Desk.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have been experiencing during our launch phase with Papaya Play’s Dekaron Online.

    We realize that some players have been having problems with some of their characters missing when trying to login. This was caused from either the web page timing out during the migration or in some cases a character’s name length being too large from Nexon’s allowed size to actual allowed size within the game. We have fixed the issue from our backend and to make sure it’s completely fixed, please redo your account migration from our migration page here:

    Doing so should fix any login problems you were having with your characters. If you are still experiencing issues with this after you re-migrate, please send us the name of the Nexon account you transferred from, as well as the name, class, and level of the missing character(s).

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    how to tranper my acc to papaya pls any 1 help me
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  • suttyysuttyy Posts: 2Member Beginner
    hi , can anyone help me get my old account back ? i played on nexus and before , i tryed today to log but papaya sais my email adrees does not exist , can someone check and please inform how to get my acc back ? . thanks 
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