Best build for TB?

fayt99fayt99 Posts: 20Approved Member
Been a while since I played, last time was two moons lol.

Is a heal build summy still the most effective?
Or should I concentrate more on str?

Still trying to figure out all the new characters and how to deal with them as well.


  • TheMaster313TheMaster313 Posts: 40Approved Member Beginner

    Hoping youre still paying attention to the thread, but depending on your gear/brands/ear rings/Lvl/Pet, its either full str (if you have Wukong costume - grants 8k HP, spell plumes/kracions 40/70respectively, 1x Heal/HP brand +20/500respectively, Illipia set which gives extra heal stats on the armor etc etc) or str/heal balance leaning slight more towards str (around 100 will suffice). This functions as nice mid-point for solo grinding should you need to, while still having dmg that doesnt take years to finish instances.

    But thats just a very rough outline, it's more dependent on your playing style than one would think. So just play around with it abit, see the strengths and weakness of each and modify accordingly!

    Hope you have fun and I look forward to seeing you in game!
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