[Issue] Invalid Authorization Key

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This is to address that we are aware of the situation and help players who are having the Invalid Authorization Key issue. We realize that many players have contacted the Help Desk regarding this as well but have not received an answer regarding this yet. We are working through the tickets as quickly as possible but we have a large overflow at the moment so it is taking much longer than normal.

To help speed up the process and to help anyone else who may having this issue, please read below:

This issue was likely caused by either an incorrect first or second password. The fault is not your own, as it seems it may have changed during the migration. A possible cause could have been the use of special characters which were not transferred correctly between servers. (We do allow special characters in passwords though)

Regardless, some players have had success logging in without this issue by changing their password here: https://www.papayaplay.com/account/recoverpwd.do

If this does not fix your issue, please send the following information to our Help Desk here: https://support.papayaplay.com/hc/en-us.

We will require this info so we can reset your login information through our database:

Required info:
Nexon account ID you transferred from:
Papaya Play ID:
Papaya Play Email:
Character name, class, and level of the character(s) on the account:

Please do NOT post this information the forums as it is a public forum and your information should remain private.

Thank you for your extended patience in this matter and we hope to be able to see you in-game soon!


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    Papaya, I hope your next  anoucement for more information is on what is causing this login issue most of us are having. Load the game-put in ID/password, get to char section, click connect, kicked back to login, re-add ID/password says "reconnecting may take up to 5 minutes" but usually takes about 15-20 minutes to try again, then says "disconnected from server". my hopes are high that this will be the next announcement. it is very stressful when you only have so little time to play and you spend it trying to log back in over 5 times in an hour. pleaseee ^^ atleast some words to give us encouragement that things will get better soon.
  • Olbie2Olbie2 Posts: 278Approved Member Intermediate

    I was on my nub earlier, and went to change channel and was kicked back to loging screen. I left him on for long time and got lagged out I think but was able to log in straight away.

    the problem could be the connection to the servers rather than the client side having the problem. have you tried resetting your router etc?

  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate

    @0lbie2 that's what it does, it can either go right through or it can give you trouble for 30 minutes. I have tried so many things, even from my end to make sure it wasn't the game its self. when I try logging in the morning my time it can go right through for 2 accounts, certain parts of the day I can be hassling with it for 30 minutes to 2 hours off and on. I did not have this problem when nexon ran(which was only a week ago. so it confusses me what could of changed on my end in such short time), actually I never had a problem logging with any company up until now, unless it was like with gamehi where they actually did have the 5 minute wait error and had a long maint to repair it. one of my theory is the servers are too full for only 3 and with so many people coming back its a overload or possibly just a code needs changed.

    Once I log on, I cant change server or refresh the client (which is frustrating because friends will go to mitera or do something that has to do with changing servers and I cant because I know I will be kicked) like I could before because then I know I am struggling to get back on and its frustrating typing in everything over and over. we just want to be kept in the loop on this issue so we can feel relaxed this wont be continued for the rest of our involvement with dekaron because we do enjoy it and want to keep playing ^^
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    Required info:
    Nexon account ID you transferred from:<==I already transfer
    Papaya Play ID:I got it
    Papaya Play Email:(psycho_nanosuit@hotmail.com)<=====I followed you advice But I can't recieve recover password in my inbox
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    Hi guys. Maybe this will help. I had this issue too immediately after transferring. 

    All I had to do was change my password to something more simple with only letters and numbers and it fixed this on all my accounts.

    Try to make sure your password does not contain symbols like #@$ ect. All my Nexon passwords that contained such symbols had the authorization error, but after changing my passwords I was able to log ingame.

    Good luck!
  • bagiitsubagiitsu Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    Still doesnt work.
    And i dont remember every single char on my 10 accounts.
    That's ridiculous.
    You find are more quick solution..
  • hide&amp;seekQQhide&seekQQ Posts: 5Approved Member Beginner

     if u got  in ID( %&$#) any of that. u can not change ID NAME. only password.

    GMs  should  give us chance to change the ID  NAME

  • loucstdeathloucstdeath Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner

    I am only missing my main char which is the 1 I enjoy playing the most.so I'm off to send yet another ticket at lest I now have 5 of 7 after changing pw on other accounts

  • murathan42murathan42 Posts: 8Approved Member Beginner
    why  dekaron all time  problem??? ppl spending real money  for this game  but  problems still  contunue.
    papaya  can  give back my  accounts ?
  • murathan42murathan42 Posts: 8Approved Member Beginner
    anyone here?  anyone can give me a answer pls
  • jetuk22jetuk22 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I'm getting the "Invalid Authorization Key" screen after I've transferred/migrated my account from nexon. I've changed my password and submitted a ticket too. I've even typed in any random nonsense into the login id and password bit then pressed ENTER and the same thing keeps popping up.
  • jetuk22jetuk22 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    On one account I get the Invalid Authorization Key, so i made a 2nd account to see if I had the same problem.... and no it doesn't happen and I can log in fine. Any ideas? Oh and yes I've submitted a ticket but they must be on skeleton staff or all starting the xmas party early.....
  • JonathanMaqueraJonathanMaquera Posts: 0Member Beginner
    i do have a website account, but i can't create a game account, how could i play this game hmmmn, 
  • Acid1337Acid1337 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Says on site Acces NOT allowed and when i try login ingame Says invalid authorization key i know its The right pw ive made ticket 2 days ago tried all ur solutions still nothing and i really need that drop rate week really NOT fair man !!!!!!
  • olvag02olvag02 Posts: 7Member Beginner
    same problem here one month ago and papaya play team dosent fix it!!!!!!!
  • nvidia23nvidia23 Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    waiting still for Reply to my ticket
  • ryeakino2ryeakino2 Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    I'm so disappointed with papaya.
  • ryeakino2ryeakino2 Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
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    And by the way papaya, I hope that you guys are also aware that your system is insisting that first/second passwords of some players are incorrect even if these players know their passwords by heart. Now most accounts are locked out and most of them already sent a ticket about it to atleast have their accounts unlocked. I sent a ticket and until now, I'm still waiting for a reply from you guys.
  • nicek666nicek666 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    i have the same problem i change password and nothing please help me i need to play !
  • sicro20sicro20 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    That happens that nobody helps me to recover my account I enter putting the ID and PW and normal enter but then when I put the second key sends me to a nexon page to be able to recover my account and how do I recover my account please ..
  • sicro20sicro20 Posts: 0Member Beginner

    I changed the second password of my account and it turns out that I can not recess it because it went to another page something like that and I want my account again please and that sends me to a page called nexon if you can help me I'll leave to thank
  • sicro20sicro20 Posts: 0Member Beginner

    I changed the second password of my account and it turns out that I can not recess it because it went to another page something like that and I want my account again please and that sends me to a page called nexon if you can help me I'll leave to thank
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