[Issue] Disconnected from server After clicking "Connect"



  • ArmediaCoreArmediaCore Posts: 0Member Beginner
    wow and this is still happening since 2016 wow really. I cant log in either at all not even to the character screen.

    i type id

    i type password

    DISCONNECT FROM SERVER in a white box
  • GoblinoidHeroGoblinoidHero Posts: 0Member Beginner
    This is still a problem even now, a year after this thread was first posted.
    I can get into the character select screen just fine, but when I select a server and click the "connect" button the window just goes black and another window appears saying "server disconnect" before kicking me back to the login screen with a message above the login box saying "disconnected from server".
    I haven't been able to play the game at all since installing because of this issue.
  • Cobaye51Cobaye51 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    I'm sick of having gambling problems, as I told you not to give me more time to wait for anything I hate waiting timers because that's pretty tiring. Security that forces players to wait 5 minutes before logging in, I'm totally against the 5 minutes wait timers. The characters I use most often is the black wizard, the favorite of mine. I will tell everything about the server problem. I want to play Dekaron until the end of the summer event, I click on the Dekaron logo, I type my nickname and passwords without fail and I'm returned to the character where there is a button "Connect" at the bottom of my screen, I click on this button and the game disconnects for no reason. There I am tired of having millions of problems, I find that papaya play is too much problem of Dekaron, I Don't understand why they make lots of problem of Dekaron. >:(
  • Cobaye51Cobaye51 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    edited June 2017
    Problem like yesterday that papaya play try to repair, FAIL ! I can't connect my char >:( ADIOS DEKARON GAME. you lost papaya play.

    second you make very sad if you continuing to leting me with those stupid problem with server.

    there we go >:(

    [Url]= http: //www.turbopix.fr/v/gdfplgnezu] [img] http://www.turbopix.fr/i/gdfplgnezu.png [/img] [/url]
  • balikadam1111balikadam1111 Posts: 0Member Beginner

    Hello, when i try to get into the game i get 'server disconect' error please help,
  • balikadam1111balikadam1111 Posts: 0Member Beginner

    Hello, when i try to get into the game i get 'server disconect' error please help,
  • kakaricardokakaricardo Posts: 0Member Beginner

    Hi, I can not log my character when I will open the game in ardeca lock and close the game on time and a bug box appears help me, I can not log in for 2 days
  • Cobaye51Cobaye51 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    edited June 2017
    It's might a virus cause conflicted with the game, I thinks Xigncode HATE the infected pc. I was infected and I tried to clean if it's work, Now I have some virus left, I wait for expert to help me if it's work with 0 VIRUS, I'll tell you. Hope the problem will be solve very soon or not. -_-

    *cross my finger for the game*
  • Cobaye51Cobaye51 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    Although the mystery was persuaded by me at last it is indeed the virus that prevents me from playing, I already clean my pc to eliminate the problems and I finally connect without problem! I was surprised, I succeeded for the first time in my life. If you have a virus on your pc, be sure to clean your pc with the help of a special tool without formatting. I hope it's helpful. ;)
  • thewarwithinthewarwithin Posts: 3Member Beginner
    happening to me, old time 2moons player who actually wanted to come back to this game... pvt servers anyone ? :(
  • thewarwithinthewarwithin Posts: 3Member Beginner
    what devs read this forum :( this problem makes me want to change games lol
  • Cobaye51Cobaye51 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    I'm tried to test the game without virus, I have alway the damn server problem. I'm tired of it.

  • LesroleLesrole Posts: 0Member Beginner
    atleast when gamehi and nexon had this game THAT YALL FUCKING UP it worked perfectly fine
  • auspexa3auspexa3 Posts: 58Approved Member Beginner
    still can't connect. I played dekaron on acclaim, gametribe, gamehi and a lot of private servers, this is the first time I'm having such a problem, "server disconnect" pops up when I try to login
  • auspexa3auspexa3 Posts: 58Approved Member Beginner
    I was able to connect with a vpn so apparently my country is banned from playing, good one. 
  • orielandugoorielandugo Posts: 1Member Beginner
    wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy i cant cnnecttttt fuck\
  • shockball1shockball1 Posts: 14Approved Member Beginner
    USA cant connect? im having the white box say disconnected from server too, i was able to play this game perfectly fine
  • lugnvil01lugnvil01 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    why its show me "YOUR IP HAS BEEN BLOCKED" 
    reply please for details and more explanation need
  • hexen92hexen92 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    still broken what the fuck!!!!!
  • poilu2000poilu2000 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    is the connection issues is fix ???? 
  • poilu2000poilu2000 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    is the problem of connection is fix? cuz i always have a with box said server disconnected every time i enter my ID and PW cant write the 2st PW
  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate

    I have not posted on this forum since when papaya took over because i posted several times on my experience with this issue along with sending ticket after ticket in explaining to the company what is happening. Here is my recap since then:

    I still have problem logging in, and this is what happens, load the game, put in my ID and password, 2nd password, takes me to the character screen, pick a server, click "CONNECT", get taken back to the login box most the time, sometimes it works. I tried several testing by either opening 2 games at once as someone suggested or by waiting awhile before actually clicking "CONNECT" to get into the game. It seems to be random whether if it wants to work or not. I have a xfinity comcast modem box, I read from this post that its about certain hard wire connections, ect. So then I tried to connect directly to a router and it actually allowed me to get into the game more then when I was connected to the xfinity comcast modem. I have also read here that faster internet connection seems to be the problem. There is many theories but we know with the other game companys it can be repaired.

    Here is another theory-Im not sure if this could be relatable but when papaya started I made a forum account to post on my issue on logging in and keeping up with everyone else having same issue. for the past 3 months I noticed I couldnt make a post anymore. The font bar would be showing invisible so i couldnt click them and when I tried to post it would say "body required". I contacted papaya several times and they suggested clear my cache or try a different browser. I couldnt believe doing any of those would work because i havn't changed anything on my IE browser. I downloaded fire fox browser and now I can post. So for once they did suggest something to resolve a problem, only I like using IE more. My theory is though, even though their server is rejecting most of us from getting into the game, and i hate to admit it but we have to find something on our side to be able to by pass(legal ways) their server trouble. Just as me using a different browser in being able to post, something from their end doesnt agree with whatever the problem on our side is contradicting. for along time and even now they suggest things from our end, when even some players dont experience this login issue at all, so i think that is what confuses them. The question is, why are there some players who dont experience it at all and 70% of us do? It was frustrating when they would suggest its something on my end and not theirs because if they changed their server codes, i believe it could be resolved for good. I believe its like some have said, its hard wire connection issues, code related, or i also think they need to change their server in being able to agree with all locations. OR they need to add a 4th server because everyone loves to crowd DV because its the place to be to buy and sell items. I was told by a friend that the possibility it makes us disconnect from trying to log in because each server has a certain number of players to be on that 'server' so when the server hits the limit, it doesnt allow you to get there. a good portion are on kalibus, and very few on non pk, and yes you can disconnect trying to log in from any of them, so possibly the limit of players isnt the right theory.

    There are many possibilitys and i wish papaya would look more into it and get a team to change from their end so even if our end doesnt agree, it still works.
  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate
    After I posted, I was thinking of a player i ran into at deadfront when nexon was still owner of the game, he said he would keep disconnecting but when he tried the download from a different browser (which actually happen to be fire fox) he said his disconnection issues were gone.

    If everyone could post what browser they have installed the game, it would be interesting to see the results of those having this issue could possibly be from the browser? which wouldnt make sense because it would usually depend on the performance of your computer but maybe not. I was also thinking if my issue trying to post was based on the browser I was using, could it also be from the download? Maybe relatable, Im kind of curious now in trying the download from a different browser but I would like to see players post their browser first XD just a thought all, trying to find solutions!
  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate
    Ok I tried unistalling and inreinstalling from fire fox browser and it did not work : ( just wanted to post this update.
  • dispraekailodispraekailo Posts: 1Member Beginner
    New user attempting to try the game--same issue.
  • tamoiohftamoiohf Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Please.. fix this error... this is a clown thing.. i play since 2moons and never did have this.. and I see that this has been happening for a long time.. what you think about this??? nothing?? dekaron is just money for papayaplay?? or is a important have players happy??
  • tamoiohftamoiohf Posts: 2Member Beginner

  • DeadlyDeanDeadlyDean Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Its 9/7/2017, and I just reinstalled this game to play nostalgically . I am having the same problem everyone has stated here. Where are you devs? Are you scared? Are you hiding because you can't find a fix and no one in your team is smart enough to? Fess up and fix your game. Its again, 9/7/2017, been well over a year and you haven't done ANYTHING. Shut down your game servers permanently if you intend to let it fall apart . Thanks. 
  • frost0000frost0000 Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    ok so i just got dont talking to someone from comcast and there seems to be a issue with ports being block on comcasts side so they put in a ticket with the dns support team and theyre gonna open the ports and well see what happens with that so ill check in agian
  • frost0000frost0000 Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    issue still not fixed its got to be an issue on vertigo's side
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