[Issue] Disconnected from server After clicking "Connect"



  • PlaymasterDekaronPlaymasterDekaron Posts: 14Member Beginner
    still dcing at the connect. mostly when it try to connect to div or change channel.

    What about fixing that Papaya? The Post is long enough. Maybe fix that before doing the next dshop event.
  • PappyPlayPappyPlay Posts: 293Approved Member Intermediate
    I haven't even bothered trying to log in since about May 2017.  I have had the dc'ing problems ever since Papaya took over from Nexon.  I can get as far as the second password SOMETIMES, and SOMETIMES even get to player selection, but that's as far as I can get 99.9% of the time.  (0.01% of the time I can log in and play for a few minutes before disconnecting IF I don't move around much or try to change maps.)   I submitted numerous tickets, and must have gotten the same response about 15-20 times: "We are aware of the problem and doing our best to resolve it as quickly as possible."  Since that began, the Americans have elected a new "president" (???) and we're almost ready for WWIII, and the Queen of England's grandson has found "the girl of his dreams" and proposed marriage, BUT Papaya cannot figure out this one problem...lol!

    And when I read through some of the forums, it's the same complaints as ever, including this one ("dc'ing").  So sad...it WAS a good game!  I miss playing, but don't miss the frustration of the game's instability.  I may check back in a few years.

    All the best to everyone who can still get in and play with some assuredness of not being disconnected.
  • mrbucknessmrbuckness Posts: 1Member Beginner
    thats hilarious....my account froze on me in MID GAME with this bug and hasnt let me on ever since and its VERY FRUSTRATING
  • N4rut01996N4rut01996 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Hi i play deka by many years and never had that problem but i buy i new computer and that start happen and i like that be resolve because sometimes i came from work just in time to go dead front and i can´t enter in game and i lose df :(
  • AussieDanAussieDan Posts: 0Member Beginner
    How has it been well over a year since this issue was discussed by staff and the problem still persists? 

    I had a DC from internet drop out and now I cannot login for god knows how long
  • anektaranektar Posts: 1Member Beginner
  • AdigaKnockerAdigaKnocker Posts: 0Member Beginner
    It's still happening with me 
    join the game for 5 minutes then the server disconnects 
  • MRD666MRD666 Posts: 13Approved Member Beginner
    After yesterday's maintenance I cannot play the game.
    When I select the character and click play, it fails to connect to the server.
  • 3nz0033nz003 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    carroer que o jogo nao tem nem como responder essa porra????
    qro jogar  logo e quando aparece o personagem clico em conectar o jogo aparece a mensagem servidor deconectado ai nao posso jogar e voces nao fazem nada fala serio.
  • 3nz0033nz003 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    quero penas jogar.
    por tudo que é mais sagrado resolvam logo essa merda.

  • auspexaauspexa Posts: 21Member Beginner
    This error still happens and it has nothing to do with people's accounts. I get the same error when I put in random ID and password because the problem occurs during pre-login handshake between client and server. It could be something about time synchronization problem between client and server because sometimes it works, if I try to login like 20 times I can log in once but then I get dc'ed after character selection screen. This should be very easy to solve for a network expert, spend some money and solve this. I repeat, this has nothing to do with players or accounts. Only short term solution for this problem is using software like wtfast or using VPN, connecting with a different pathway might work.
  • exaze11exaze11 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    this problem still persists
    today i cant login to DV, kalibus works OK
    this issue NEEDS a fix
    100mbps Up & Down internet, no background stuff running
  • sexgod95sexgod95 Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    I currently DC when I click connect from the character screen!. Spent 2 hours trying to login with no success. Seriously resolve this issue since it's been going on for a while.
  • dnlislostdnlislost Posts: 6Member Beginner
    what is going on  you say maint is complete but when we try to log in we get the game dv 
  • dnlislostdnlislost Posts: 6Member Beginner

  • powertripxpspowertripxps Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hello GM'S 

    After the maintenance done our Deka application is updating when the update is done and trying to connect to the game we cant log in operator said that there was ng error on the system,
    Can u look after this? Thank you very much! present date is June 15, 2018 2.30pm Philippine time ty 
  • Alii031Alii031 Posts: 342Approved Member Intermediate
    @PappyPlay this is the first time ive checked this post in months, im sorry to see you are still having trouble logging on :( i do however have some new information that might be useful, but im not sure. i have not read all the latest posts on here since there is too many to catch up on, so if anyone has mentioned this i apologize for repeating the information but its new to me and seems to be working for me at this point..so this was my situation right after the company transfer, there was nothing changed on my end and suddenly this started to happen out of nowhere. I would login, go to character selection, click "CONNECT", and it would go to a black screen saying "server disconnect", and take me right back to the login box. 2nd issue- once i was actually ingame, and say i was on Kalibus and switched to DV, it would go to a black screen saying "server disconnect" this happened more often then not, but there would be times I could switch and make it to the next server. I have learned some new information.....

    First of all my desktop has to be connected through an ethernet connection from the modem. I did for awhile connect it to the router instead because someone on this forum page suggested it could be from certain hardware causing the disconnections. It did help to a point but i was still experiencing the disconnect at char screen and changing servers. What I have been told was to check in my "Networking and share center" and make sure you do not have wifi and any other connection running at the same time, and one may need to be disabled like mine. I dont know how long my networking setting has been this way because the disconnection issue only started after the company transition. My networking settings had wifi and the ethernet connection on at the same time. I was told to disable the wifi and make sure the ethernet connection was still on, and to connect the ethernet cord back to the modem so its getting the actual internet and not catching wifi. Supposively your Internet can be affected by many things in a house, so if you have alot of windows or certain walls that may have been built with something not helping the signal, you may need a modem plus a router...and both up to date because if your router can only hold so much it wont support the modem. but you can use modem alone too, just depends where your surrounding is.

    The Outcome- I have been logging on game since the networking setting change, so far I have no had any disconnection from char screen clicking "Connect", and there was only one time so far I was disconnected changing server, so that dissapointed me, i thought it didnt do anything to help, but so far since i have not had any issue. I hope this continues and hope this is the answer for some of you atleast. if you have any questions, just tag my name and I will try to check on this post and add in. Its definitely worth trying anyway. seems 50/50 of the game has the issue and others have no issue, so possible the ones like us who have this happening, are either due to our wifi signal isnt strong enough to handle the server or something else is affecting the connection. so just check for more then one connection in your computer and maybe even ask your internet provider if something in your home is affecting the signal..give them every detail like I did, thats how my knowledgable ISP represenative was able to help me, just by telling him my desktop was showing a bar signal, he knew right away what it meant.

    also to add- those of you who are adding posts in here not on the subject, please find the correct post or make a new post, so we dont confuse more of the information needed to figure out this problem. thank you.
  • ExcitanteExcitante Posts: 0Member Beginner
    si conchetume
  • jgoaf3jgoaf3 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    did anyone found  a solution for the disconnect problem or rip dekaron ??
  • galopargalopar Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hi ...
    I have the same problem as you, but the solution is that you should exclude the home internet and use the mobile internet ...
    So you will simply be able to enter and play ..
    However, this does not prevent Papaya not yet knowing a way to solve the problem for home internet.
    Thank you..God bless you.
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