how to do stat build?

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Anyone have suggestions on how to go about stat build for a hunter?


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    There are builds that you can play with your HUNTER.

    *CLASS CANON Build
    -Full DEX build just put stats on weapon requirement.

    High damage
    High critical damage

    Low HP
    (Although their is a HUNTER skill that convert it's shield to HP correct me if i'm wrong.)
    Very squishy
    Require good kitting ability.

    *Normal Build
    -Going 3 DEX, 2 HEAL and put stats on weapon requirements.

    Decent damage
    Decent critical damage

    With enough HP for survivability.

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    I am totaly not the best hunter in this game. :)

    But let me try to help ya..

    So this is not only for Segita Hunter.

    I said this to all my friends who asked e about stas build their new character.

    For lvling you should put enough heal to survive and as much is posible on dex [if we talk about hunt like now]

    For High lvl farming i would say full dex you should be geared enough to survive and get enough Monster dmg tolerance so HP is not that big problem if you get not much dg from monsters. You will just need to kill them faster .

    For PVP i dont like to be full heal thats booring you need an dmg and some adrenaline of that if other guy will get you do you can handie it :D

    anyway for pvp i like to be an ballance something like str for weap and 50/50 Dex Heal.

    Ofcourse all this depends of your gear your weapon options accesories.

    If you got for example alot of PK/PVP DMG Tolerance and Damage Decrese rate.

    Maybe Range+Heal or MaxHP Brands you can go full Dex for pvp why not.

    For lower geared players even full health wont help you if you eat 30 40 50k crits you will die in 2 skill no metter how much hp you got...

    So better an balance to get an DMG and hope that you can disable astun slow down your opponent till you kill hem.

    Good luck with your hunty have fun with it. :)


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