Papaya belt upgrade

DekaSoldierDekaSoldier Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
 this is horrible, i had like 25 fails plus +8 to +9 and couldnt have it done yet wtf is this?
 asian costume 2 fails for the first upgrade is this normal???
 im getting tired of so many fails!!
 theres any tip?!?!? should i complain??
 im really pissed on this x(


  • skeitasskeitas Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    Well, +8 is a very high upgrade for a belt, +9 is even higher. It would not be rare if you dont fail like 30 times. If you want big achievements you need to work hard! 
  • R1pperulR1pperul Posts: 7Approved Member
    i think its normal and i think ppl shouldnt get things easy
  • ShadowAlokenLVShadowAlokenLV Posts: 200Approved Member Trainee
    Belt upgrade fails till i made +9

    -  1x fail at +4
    -  28x fail at +8
    -  2x fail at +9
  • temastudio1temastudio1 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Im struggling like this in the end...

    +8 failed 24 times
    +9 failed 5 times so far, still didnt make it...

    I would not complain in usual cases but, the drop-rate on Papaya Crystals is almost zero now...

    Therefore this SUX BIG TIME !

    Better drop-rate is what we need ! ! ! Same goes for Dream Seeds . . .

    // Prince
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