aloken buff

hellvisitorhellvisitor Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
can some on tell me how to use aloken buffs like when to use DD and when to use Aqua
when to use rebelion sword or increase range or when to use blow please help me ^_^


  • krzysiuk93krzysiuk93 Posts: 15Approved Member Beginner
    @hellvisitor Decrease Damage is pretty flexible. You can use it at pve and also pvp. When it trigger you will get 24% less damage. 
    Aqua remover I like to use against bosses who stuns or make you bleed. Also at pvp vs character who stuns, sleeps and making your life harder ;) When it triggers with 10% chance you will get 6 sec buff and then nobody can stun you.
    Rebelion sword I using always. It simply gives you more damage. Similar to C'est La Vie.
    I dont't really like Increase range. It fits only for pve and when triggers gives aoe damage same as your basic attack from weapon. It is useful but i don't like it.
    I also using Weaken Resistance at bosses some times and at pvp vs mages sometimes.
    And I never used Blow attack. I don't even know how the animation looks like :P

    That's from me. I hope that helps. I'm not pro tho :)

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