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I made a vicious summoner I could use some advice on it my first character and new to dekaron.


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    Eyyyy, welcome to dekaron! Glad to have you with us :D

    I hope you still pay attention to this thread !>.<!

    Summoners (summy for short) is a great character to start with. They have (as well as many others) have 2 ways of attacking. Melee or Magic.

    Melee: My general rule of thumb is str/heal balance (after placing the needed str/dex points for 1 weapon lvl higher than the one you use i.e if you use 130, have stats needed for 145) Your main damaging skills are Dark Avatar, Vicious Mirror, Devil Swing, Twin Bore.
    However, Shadow Revenge is incredibly useful as if provides mob tolerence, melee tolerence and range tolerence (meaning you take lower dmg under the skills buff effect)
    Darkness is also extremely useful in pvp situations as it lowers (something around) 15% Damage of the other player and lowers their critical attack rate.
    Vind Sword has huge damage output but works on a delayed dmg output after lvl 5 (+/-) but places the effected threat under a huge health drain for a few seconds.
    They also have a skill which makes them go invisible! (cancels after you skill or time runs out)

    Magic: As with any magic class its unfortunately Full Heal after places the required stats for your currently lvl weapon. However Magic classes often have a higher damage per second than melee classes but often take more damage (but not in the summoners case! )
    Your main damaging skills are, Palpus, Summon Ghost, Hellburst, Infected Earth.
    USeful skills: Maxing all 'Chakra' skills. They provided an area effective buff, increase damage, critical attack, critical damage (called vitality in this game - dont have a clue why, but thats another rant) and elemental resistence increase. They also have seperate 'de-buffing' abilities, such as lower elemental resistences, lower damage output and lower defence for threats in its range.
    Poison Thorn, its extremely useful as it slows the threats moving speed for 5 seconds (not sure on exact time) which is useful for catching ranged classes, or slowing melee classes so it takes longer to get to you. There is another thread that covers this/corrects any of my magic description mistakes.

    I tend to find out the character for myself, having a look at the skills, checking the dmg output or buff from each thing and lvl accordingly.

    Should you need further help feel free to direct msg me or state your players name and Ill b happy to help!
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