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biboydeypzbiboydeypz Posts: 8Approved Member
I would like to know what is the best for PVE... with high damage and aoe


  • TomoriTomori Posts: 561Approved Member Intermediate
    Hmm classes for high damage and aoe skills for PVE, i would say mage, segureaper and black wizzard^^ 
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  • M1RACLEM1RACLE Posts: 8Approved Member
    I agree with Tomori but ill recommend the 2 MAGE class.
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  • FreakYsSlaveFreakYsSlave Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    I got segu, bw and mage. Segu is best for pve cuz of dmg and aoe, aswell as heals, buffs, res, remove and much more. And its a melee class so you can use boxing gloves for bosses
  • biboydeypzbiboydeypz Posts: 8Approved Member
    thanks guys
  • MateaB1MateaB1 Posts: 351Approved Member Intermediate
    edited July 2016
    Halfbagi by far... With Falchion you have excellent PVE skills, with Katar you have selfhealing and finally you have protection buff, so you can solo any boss in the game...
    You can also consider CS for better lures, 2 selfhealing skills and repeatable invisible mode for difficult bosses...
  • SuperMan25SuperMan25 Posts: 113Approved Member Trainee
    Segu would be your best bet. 500k on mobs easy.
  • abraham2000abraham2000 Posts: 50Member Beginner
    edited November 2016
    Vicious summoner wasn't mentioned wow I feel bad for you, guess maybe it wasn't mentioned because it's so op for pve
  • kris017kris017 Posts: 52Approved Member Beginner
    dont take bagi, hes weak
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  • vipernc99vipernc99 Posts: 28Approved Member Beginner
    all of you full of crap it the player that makes the char strong by choosing the options he wants the gear he takes, even the type of gems he takes so there is none better then how you play true bagi is pure tank but played right he stick that 500 k back down and put you on ground I seen it done. I don't know what gems he had but sure was a pretty site, so any who claim any class better then they must not know how to build or try different gems and such and some skills are useless for different pve or pvp you can watch others pvp with same class you have but not knowing  how to play as some 1 else and you will truly lose. the utube pvp are nice to watch but you cannt play the way they did and against different class you may lose faster because you cant play the way they did. put simple there is always some 1 better no matter what class you play. so just pick 1 and learn to play it is best advice I can give any 1
  • YerOldmanisHereYerOldmanisHere Posts: 174Member Trainee
    edited April 2017
    @vipernc99 lets agree to disagree.

    biboydeypz is just clearly asking: "the best for PVE... with high damage and aoe"

    It is obvious bro that there are classes in game that has a clear advantage in "solo" PVE since "party" PVE is another story.. i.e Mage, Wizard, Segu (high crits) and HB... while CS and VS are both great for more lures & item farming. - In contrast to Bagi, Hunter, AK (w/ some exception), Aloken & Seg which kinda neutral in terms of it.

    When you do solo...such as DG etc. etc.. you want high damage to kill the monster as fast as possible. No monster = no damage to you,  not dying and it really saves you time farming JUST DON'T forget to POTS LOL xD
    I think @
    biboydeypz you are just looking for the best and easiest character you can create as your alternate/2nd character and use it just for farming since of course, if you want to know the best classes you gotta learn how to play it well (PVE or PVP, solo or with a party).

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