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After being away from the game for about 6-7 years or so, two days ago I remembered dekaron all of a sudden. I noticed it was shifted to another developer, so transfered my account here. I always used to play a segnale as my main class. To relearn the game I created two or three low level characters, but now that I've learned the basics again, I want to play my main segnale again.

I've been looking for segnale guides on the internet, but was unable to find any that were recent(like 2016), the newest one I found was from 2012. So figured I'd ask my questions here. I do appreciate any help and advice you guys could give me, so beforehand, thanks!

The last time I played, the maximum level was level 120, my segnale was level 105 at that time(still is). Just to give an idea of how long I've been gone.

In my time the stats worked like this: You find the lowest level whip, fill the requirements for that whip and then put all stats in heal. Does this still work? I've noticed to keep running out of mana, and couldn't find a mana recovery skill. So, what is the best place to put my stats?

After the stats, which skills are most important to get? My gear is currently, curse damage based still, also I want to be able to solo(to level), and do good/ok. I've already got the hp/curse res, buff skills and heal/revive skills. For some reason I couldn't take self ressurection. I'm mostly wondering about attack skills, and maintaining mana while using them.

Thanks for any advices!


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    Hey shoot me a mail and we can practice
    Ign : ImNotYourAutoPot
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    Thank you for your reply, and for your help in-game dev1seg!

    Got sort of back into hunting. Made it to level 110 so far. And it turned out some of the junk I found, was actually alot better than the old ubergear I still had on haha. So my gear has improved a bit.

    The only thing I wasn't able to find out, not even by google-ing, is how to turn in the "monster hunt" quest(gather 60000 points). I did this, but cannot seem to turn it in anywhere. Any hints?
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    Research Dekaron Segnale Skill Tree and you will find some stuff but not much...

    My best advice if you plan on using Healing Hands is to level up all your party skills early on bc you will basicly be a life support babysitter for your team...making sure you stay alive and them at the same time, you won't get much action fighting unless attacked. Don't screw up bc you will get screamed at lol....You will want to put most of your points into Spirit and Heal. Don't bother with Strength and Dex except what you need for your weapon & gear bc you wont need it. You should try and use a +9 lvl 100 divine noble weapon (similar to the lvl 115 described below)

    If you plan on PvP & don't want to get squashed I would suggest to go with Crimson Creed. I have decided to try and have a more balanced character in order to PvP and party. It takes a lot of work keeping an eye on your points and the efficiency stats. My opinion... Having +9/10 is better for higher lvl gear... lvl 115 Divine noble weapon (slotted with 4 socket curse stones, 4 rank options, & 4 brand options should be suffice till you get past lvl 180), lvl 100 & above helmet & armor (4 slots & try to use 123 defense medial stones...don't go under 75) . I personally wouldn't waste my time or dill on leveling low level items (lvl 90 below) past 7 or 8. Wait until you are past lvl 131 to use the Master's mistake and reset your skill tree once you get your Transup if you aren't happy with it. That way you should have a better idea of how you want your tree skill to look. Here is my suggestions for basic skill tree but you will find some skills you like more than others so tweak it and make it your own.

    Heal Mastery 10

    Great Guard 5....any higher and you are only using more Mana & stat stays same

    Divine shield 5

    Amazing Att 5

    Wound healing 8

    Hyper healing 10

    Recover 5

    Fast healing 10

    Dark Circle...others suggest 5...I like the skill so I lvl to 10

    Rising Guard 1

    Magic Protector 1

    Curse Mastery 9...all others skills useless to lvl past 1 except Wide sleep 4 or 5

    Blood Mastery 5

    Bludge hit 10

    vampire 10

    dread nail....others say 8...again I like this skill...10

    Curse field 8 

    Evil crow 10

    spirit emotion 1

    rise pierce...others say 3....I like it....9

    Detonate edge....others say 7....I say 9 or 10

    again this is just my personal advice and opinions others may say differently and that's ok, I'm always open to suggestions as well..... Hope this helps :)  

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    Thanks for the advice Falcordragon2!

    Currently I've been leveling a bit, and I'm now level 132. Still playing solo so far. Before going deadfront, or all those other things which are new to me, I first want to get to know my character again. For my gear, I have the welcome back box which contains a full level 150 +7 set(if I'm not mistaken), which will probably be better than what I'm already wearing.

    I do like spirit emission as it hits all enemies, so I made that one level 10.

    What is the advantage of level 8 or 9 skilsl over level 10?... just mana?

    PS: I found where to turn in the monster hunt quest(potion merchants) hehe.
    PSS: ImNotYourAutoPot, I will mail you your whip back once I get a better one.
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    I was only healing hands for a few weeks, for the last year and a half I've been a crimson tree segnale so unfortunately I can't offer too much advice. I am really knowledgeable when it comes to how to farm certain accessories in game or what build/brands to run for the crimson tree if you ever plan on switching. Desolation might be one of the best active healinghands segnales in game so when you start getting 180+ I would try asking that segnale.  
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