Current class tier list?

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    There is no balance, or "better class", in this game.

    It's all about items and spending money.

    If you pay for the best rings etc, you are the best.
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    @Korvyr thats just bullshiet you want to spread.

    Yes there is an Obvious Class tier list in my opinioin which should be in the high rated ones since i play 10 years at this damn game

    1. DK <- Op
    2. Hunter <- Op
    3. Aks <- Op
    4. Seg <- Half Op
    5. Segu <- Half Op
    6. Mage <- Half Op
    7. Bw <- Half op
    8. Alo <- Half op
    9. CS <- Half op
    10. VS <- Half op
    11. Baggi <- weak
    12. Half Baggi <- Weak

    And tbh i didnt spent a single shit cent in this game and im fully geared with perpeteus etc the only thing which you need to spend is "Time" since this game takes much of it to be competetive.

    Hope you got all the information you needed.
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    @olbie1 wasn't HB considered the cancer of all classes, how tf did it become the weakest? What changed?
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    i also remember hb being super broken, my theory is that their transup skills are pretty useless and people started using pots/fish in pvp so the damage reflect isnt as gamechanging. 

    is there any other reasons?
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    HB skills are left out
    Trans up 2 skills and their meister are nothing compared to other classes.

    unlike other classes. HB meisters got no stuns, OP AOEs, debuffs etc.

    also, HB got around 9K rage bar in level 180+. having skills that consumes around 2k+ rage depletes rage bar fast. Step 3 uses rage instead of mana so chaining combos became harder specially when rage skills are cancelled (consumes rage but no effect). 
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    Whats about ak and 2h sword i dont like the 2 h axe is sword a good option too ?
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     HB so fucking weak .... 

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    Well,, The game is mostly gear based, 
    Anyway there are some classes that are 10 times better in the pvp area then others.

    atm the strongest class in pvp by far is 2h ak's,
    The reasson being that every meister skill in the 2h tree have insanely short cast time, huge amount of hitts and the best debuffs in the entire game.
    Step 1 hitts 11 times in about 2 seconds, step 2 hitts 10 times and dissables the use of items for about 2-4 seconds, step 3 hitts 9 times, have a stun that hitts 90% of the times ( no madder what abnormal ress u have ) also step 3 debuffs ya crit rate often up to 100%, so if you do charge and step 3-1-2 in that order
    you basicly do 30x un-escapable hitts in about 5-6 seconds, every hitt of those 30 hitts are escential crits and everything is auto locked + auto tracking so you dont need to aim or even move to land thise.

    so if ure str build u can asume that in most cases every crit is about 10-12k pvp dmg, and u hitt 30 times, so thats around 280-360k dmg,

    Also lets remember ak is a * tank * class, with pk ress buffs and highest deffence in the game.

    Second most op class i believe is eather hunter or riper.

    No madder how mutch pk ress you have, or how high deffence you have, somehow hunters tank most of all classes in the game. i can hitt an azure on sacri while hes on shield for about 5-7k,
    while most hunters take 5-7k consistanly, also they are really hard to catch, and have tons of interupts, knockbacks, and good self buffs.

    Reaper on the other hand required perfect items.
    For instance if you have full ilipa, perfect rings, and on every gear/bracelet/belt/wep you posses you have 350+ melee, 30+ heal brand ( on every single piece ) Emblem A, Deux Unique pet, perfect pvp ress, good ddr, and heal build that tops around 65-70k hp,
    then you will have a hard time beating it no madder what class you are, even a 2h ak would struggle.

    Riper on the other hand have Tons of Aoe meisters and cant just be spammed, riper have to use them durring a sleep or as an counter attack, for instance if a bagi or ak stands near you and atacks you, then you can meister, Only true agressive ability riper have is their step 2 that is * somewhat * tracking, 

    even tho all this said, i have sean some people being invincible, There is a bagi that is able to beat anyone in pvp, have never sean him lose, dont remember hes ing tho..

    Only classes i see that are in diss advantage are tb summies and Segnales, and believe it or not, dual wealding azures.

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    dk the best class in game atm
  • abraham2000abraham2000 Posts: 50Member Beginner
    Its definitely all about meisters and the ak, segu and OG summoner have the best meisters in game and not just one various so I believe these have the advantage of well geared
  • stayloyucelstayloyucel Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Do devs here listen to people?
  • TroldesephTroldeseph Posts: 44Approved Member Beginner
    Magicians very strong in teamfights!

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    @olbie1 so you didn't spend a single cent on this game and still fully geared, so who are you in game? anyone prevalent or just another nobody.
  • faymezfaymez Posts: 20Member Beginner

    Are the op classes. Imo
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