what is the best gems elemetal or % dmg

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just asking cuz i did test at 145 i wos using 145+9 wand 8% gems and i made 145+9 staff 4x 5% magical chance  the damage wos the same on mobs  leave ur opinion plz


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    i Would Say Elemental im playing mage 9 years so i guess and i was always using Elemental more than Magical dmg
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    ok ty for ur repply
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    Best gems that you can use are 7% magic dammage.
    I am going try to explain you why in one step.
    When you are putting in for example lighting gems you are boosting dammage from skills which base on lighting mastery from fire/ice   you won't get benefits, so better to lost 6% of one ele for 21% of every.

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    thats not true. Since Mages use more elemental skills than everything elemental dmg is always better. and no.. Magic dmg itself dosn't contain fire,ice,bla bla bla thats bullshit then Elemental gems wouldnt Exist

    Magical gems = Pure dmg
    Elemental gems= Elemental dmg which is most of the time better since most of the people dont got elemental res

    dafuq cant stop laughing about this Magic crystal ice fire light dmg guy xD
  • GorQ20GorQ20 Posts: 8Approved Member
    Yes it is ele for mage are boosted by 7% magic gems if you dont belive ask any good mage in DK like Zelda, Neitine, Oceania, Trolde. About your opinion of that gems wouldnt Exist, that make me laught a lot, Dude in game you have 7% melee/range dmg gems which is twice time worst than any 8-9% elemental dmg for any melee class like AK/Hunter/Bagi/DragonKnight and more... so why those gems are exist?
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    ty guys 
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    How about for the physical type char? will an elemental gem work? like for AK having a Dark Onyx as a socket gem?
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