Aloken skill tree (attention GM/DEV Team)

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Hello I'm writing this post in an attempt to bring attention to some issues with the aloken skill tree and skill effects themselves.

1. the guardarm. The buff that increases defense hardly increases the aloken Def at all
The max it gives at lev 10 is about 4% and In the sanctuary skill tree it increases from max 5 to 10 but there is almost no difference in the overall increase between the two so it's useless to bother adding skill points. Infact the defensive boost the buff offers its so small as to be insignificant.. Suggestion increase the effectiveness of the buff and decrease the duration of it there is no need for that weak buff to last 5 minutes or more.

2. the Sanctuary maiester skill tree allows certain defensive skills of the Spell tree to increase to 15, but the step 2 skill Delamo cannot be used in conjunction with these two spells (decrease damage, and aqua remover) it makes no sense to upgrade those spells if the maiester skill replaces them.. It doesn't add anything to the character in fact using Delamo weakens the aloken by taking both those spells off the table.
Either allow Delamo to work with the others or pick a different skill set to increase. P. S. Incidentally the same rule applies to the judgment skill tree and the offensive spells.

3. The spell weaken resistance doesn't seem to do anything at all I could be wrong but I don't notice any effect whatsoever when applying the buff to my self...

4. The descriptions of the skills and spells are horrible most of them are misspelled Furnish.. Should be Punish.. And the descriptions are nothing of the sort.

5. Last but not almost all of the aloken skill are her spinning or pirouetteing in one place in a circular motion and the skills that don't do that are attacks that you throw. Now in and of themselves that isn't so bad but the aloken skills are laughably easy to evade or simply step out of range of rendering most of her skills useless in PVP.. In an attempt to balance the char with others either rework some of the skills or make them less easy to evade by increasing the attack range.

Thanks for your time

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