Newbie Question

LordMercLordMerc Posts: 3Member Beginner
  I started playing on previous server a few days but after my vacations realised the game moved here so since I wasnt far (lvl 50something) I made an azure knight from scratch and reached lvl 68. I wanted to make him kind of defensive so I went Shield and Sword(seems to have nicer block rate)? Is that the best combination for a defensive azure knight?
  Second thing I would like to ask was on stats and skills selection. On stats i usually distributed my stats depending on next weapon for my class(checked Ardeca weapon seller for that) but the seller stops at lvl 50something and I am not sure what is the best way to distribute them. Example I dont know what is the max dex we will ever need. For skills are there any "must have" skills for a defensive azure knight? I still got a lot of unused points there too
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