Fight Night Prize List

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Hello Heroes!

I appreciate your patience in waiting for this, here is the long awaited prize list for the Fight Night event!

Platinum Group - Levels 190+
First: +10 Gold Dragon Weapon*
Second: Dragon Emblem
Third: +10 Azure Lunacy Weapon*

Gold Group - Levels 180-189
First: Dragon Emblem
Second: +10 Azure Lunacy Weapon*
Third: Dragonic Perpetuus Box

Silver Group - Levels 170-179
First: Dragonic Perpetuus Box
Second: Red Phoenix Mount
Third: Lv. 175 Weapon Box +9

Bronze Group - Levels 160-169
First: Red Phoenix Mount
Second: 2nd Tower of Spell Helmet
Third: Twisted Fate +9 Weapon Box

Contenders - Levels 150-159
First: Red Phoenix Mount
Second: Mana Crystalline
Third: Lv.150 +9 Weapon Box

*Class Specific

ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive:
- Unique Pet Egg
- Rankup-Coin 100 Box
- Expert Blacksmith Package

Note: The first place winner may choose to receive the second place prize instead of the first place prize. By doing so, they will forfeit the first place prize to second place.

Note 2: Those that signed up and are the sole competitor in their class/category will be able to roll a random dice to win one of the prizes. 

All fights will follow the Korean style PVP rules - which allows you to use anything at your disposal.
Get ready because the brackets will be announced shortly! Good luck Heroes!


  • DesolationDesolation Posts: 69Approved Member Beginner
    I just wanted to inform you as the staff. I did post a comment in regards to certain websites such as tinypic, tinyurl, imageshack. They were giving me an access denied error to posting a screenshot, my friend helped me to post this. I hope I can still be qualified for this event? I really do want to participate into this.

    Class: Segnale
    Level: 192
    Name: Desolation
  • kris017kris017 Posts: 52Approved Member Beginner
    Just an idea, hopefully people will agree with me on this one, The winners should chose what reward they want to be honest. So the 1st peron choses then the second place and 3rd place gets whats left. As some people might not need that specific item (emblem for example) Thanks 

    Afk'ing in Crespo is the Key to Perpetuus  

  • lupin007lupin007 Posts: 23Approved Member Beginner
    So what about brackets with only 1 participant? they will get all prices? 
  • pangetzpangetz Posts: 16Member Beginner
    will DKset be usable in the pvp? or participants can only use normal sets? 
  • [DK]PapayaPlay[DK]PapayaPlay Posts: 41Papaya Play Beginner
    @Desolation Hi there, we have you registered already. Don't worry. :)

    @kris017, @lupin007 I have made edits to my post regarding these.

    @pangetz You are free to use whatever you wish in your pvp matches. Go wild!
  • kris017kris017 Posts: 52Approved Member Beginner
    Are the listed rewards for the top 3 people in your class (bagi etc) or for general top 3 players in that level group? 
    Afk'ing in Crespo is the Key to Perpetuus  

  • DesolationDesolation Posts: 69Approved Member Beginner
    Thank you so much for your response! I didn't post a pic due to access deny error on many sites. I'm really relieved to know I am signed up. Thank you xx
  • marco97marco97 Posts: 14Approved Member Beginner
    edited September 2016
    so if the first place want the third prize its allowed?
  • Gixxer601guyGixxer601guy Posts: 50Approved Member
    LolLOLOL!! WTS GOLD DRAGON WEAP!!!! im taking bids
  • voulabogs1991voulabogs1991 Posts: 46Approved Member Beginner
  • [DK]PapayaPlay[DK]PapayaPlay Posts: 41Papaya Play Beginner
    @marco97 If you win your bracket, you can take your pick of the rewards.

    The brackets have now been posted. 

    Good luck!
  • Gixxer601guyGixxer601guy Posts: 50Approved Member
    Can we have the dates to when the event starts?
  • [DK]PapayaPlay[DK]PapayaPlay Posts: 41Papaya Play Beginner
    @Gixxer601guy I just made a post announcing the brackets and the rules/timing for the event.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions :)
  • perks0511perks0511 Posts: 45Approved Member Beginner
    we are just 2 in the bracket , what happens to the third place price? just hoping if I did won first price is a dragon emblem that I just recently had opening a plat box. the second price is a +10 wep lunacy that I don't have and the third price is a dragonic perpetus that I really want . I want to win for sure

  • shinratensi9shinratensi9 Posts: 49Approved Member Beginner
    I would like to petition to swap the dragon emblem for the perp for the 190 + bracket...  I think that's a much better prize.. or the lunacy weapon... 
  • MateaB1MateaB1 Posts: 351Approved Member Intermediate
    Nice prizes, unfortunately most of the competing community can't really play...
    Would be fair that they solved "Disconnected..." issue first, so that all of us have equal chances.
    Now, I must stay aside and beat the monkey instead beating some of you ;)
  • ShadowAlokenLVShadowAlokenLV Posts: 200Approved Member Trainee
    edited September 2016
    Ye i have an question. How come my name isn't on participant list for Aloken 190+ group. Pretty sure i did include my character name, level and multiple screenshots.


  • NIskotraderNIskotrader Posts: 18Approved Member Beginner

    I missed the sign ...

    i wanna join tour if its ok please...

    IGN : Kerah 
    Class : Half Bagi
    LvL : 186

  • krechu1krechu1 Posts: 7Approved Member Beginner
    I wonder what will happen when all three PvPs will end as draw? How winner will be choosen? I'm mostly think here about segnale group.
  • marco97marco97 Posts: 14Approved Member Beginner
    so first place choose one of three prizes and second place choose one of the two remaining? am i right?
  • wadaw15wadaw15 Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    edited September 2016
    o.O`? its over ?? and why iam not in the bracket list wadwad lvl 188 summy ? o.O? lol i was the first who sign in for this event and now iam not in the list rly

    SRY Iam in the list but in 190 pls fix the list thx iam 188 THX
  • OceaniaOceania Posts: 51Approved Member Beginner
    edited September 2016
    Wrong section! D:
  • MageLvl200MageLvl200 Posts: 32Member Beginner
    Hi to all, 

    Hi [DK]PapayaPlay, 
    When I register for this event, my level was 175,

    Now I am level 178, 

    and soon I'll be level 179,

      my question is: I will have a problem with this?

    plz tell me and ty so much  ;)
  • DiadanieroDiadaniero Posts: 5Approved Member Beginner
    hi im lvl 189  im a dragon knight in my bracket only are only two persons, if i win i can choose perpe? perpe is the 3rd price, i dont need emblem and lunacy wep. hope an admi can answer my quetion thank you.
  • cimasegnalecimasegnale Posts: 30Approved Member Beginner
    edited September 2016

    Hi @[DK]PapayaPlay

    I signed and the name of my segnale (XxXChacraXxX) Lvl 193 not appear on the list.
    Please explain this to me GM.

    I thank you
  • malasebamalaseba Posts: 14Member Beginner
    edited September 2016
    I finished 2nd....where we need to post to choose our reward? Winner want to take emblem...and i would like to take then perpetus which is reward for 3rd place. Is there going to be new tread about rewards or ?
  • nicusor28nicusor28 Posts: 0Member Beginner
     can i join in the event pls just saw it . Name : NaughtyBunny ,class:Half Bagi, Level:191image
  • nicusor28nicusor28 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    imageI want join in the event pls. Name:NaughtyBunny/Class:HB/lvl 191
  • jwx81935jwx81935 Posts: 24Member Beginner
    edited March 2017

    i can't find my name in the bracket -.-

    please include me

    Level: 192

  • 93strock1093strock10 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hey, I'm I still be able to apply to the pvp event(since there are only 3 cs's 190s+ let me know)?
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