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    edited November 2016
    And my Edited photos was a idea to not show the ppl my priv messages lols ... what a bs hahahahaha :D

    but nvm i dont really care i won you in a fair global fight 2:1 and im proud of it i know i deserved
    1st place and that was my point :D and if GMs can not follow their own rules its not my problem its just means how dumb and corrupted they are.
    And i want to thanks all guys that tried to help me ! You are just great all of you ! :D i wish you all best  of luck  !
    i dont

    And as you can see many of these edited ss were global fights too but these ppls are not brain dead and aint complaining day and night about "their enemy cheating" just Mondi can do that.
  • MondiVGMondiVG Posts: 214Approved Member Trainee
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    You are dump the rules players they are changing it they made it clear Korean stile use everything...and by those rules you lost against me 2-0 for the top 2 then on final 2-0 so you deserve 1st place get lost.....and you accusing GM they are corrupted omg get lost go by the rules and by the rules you lost.........Get lost.............:)
  • lorenzblanclorenzblanc Posts: 37Approved Member Beginner
    Funny think is by the rules YOU LOST, BUT GMS HAD A SPECIAL TREATMENT TO YOU WHICH MADE YOU WIN, and because you lost 1st PvP, then GMs made you to rematch, for something that was false. Now that you won thanks to the GM help you say "get lost", well why you didn't got lost when you lost your PvP in the first place? 

    And you keep lying and talking no sense "by the rules you lost". Well let me tell you you lost by the rules and corrupted GMs helped you. You needed their help in order to be able to win, pretty sad IMO.
  • marqvsmarqvs Posts: 26Member Beginner
    Gj With Editing my ss Mondi you are so fail hahahahaha now im laughting my ass off how desperate you are to edit my own ss to get a rematch HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA god what a stupid kid xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD GG WP
  • hbjesushbjesus Posts: 12Approved Member Beginner

    ID: WhyMe

    Bracket: 180-189 Concerra


    In the event the beginning we were in the three but a rose on
    to the next bracket and we are two. Once you have done the duels I was second,
    but I want the third prize is the perpetus. I wonder how they can give me

    We were three in the beginning but 1 of us rise up and go to
    the next bracket and we became to be two in the bracket.

    Once we have done the duels i got the second place but i want
    the third prize who is perpetus because we was three in the beginig.

    Wanna know what i need to do to get the reward. Who i need to
    talk or where i need to be, say me something when u can.


    Thank you

  • SojuPayToLoseSojuPayToLose Posts: 240Approved Member Trainee
    This event is overrated with cheaters that taking ss for point and the win which ppl can edit or tell other ppl to ss for the win lol such an unorganized event. Please in future dont ever have this kind of event again or just have gm monitor the final 4 fight would make more sense to legit players. Even Tyra have ss from someone else computer to cheat for the win.
    Donald Trump should organize this event lmfao..........
  • marqvsmarqvs Posts: 26Member Beginner
    If its still actual than i would like to get Dragon Emblem as my Prize
    And GJ GMs after falling into this huge scamm you did well, im proud of you guys Cheers ;)
  • MondiVGMondiVG Posts: 214Approved Member Trainee

    You are a joke go go keep qq to them what can I say those GM's fell for it and you call it a scamm ? really what a kid don't forget I won you 2-0 for the top 2 then again on final 2-0 you are pro at QQ with all your friends making GM fell for it..

    Here is the SS a real here player......
    2-0 for them top 2
    And here is the other 2-0 for the FINAL....

    This is not scamm a real fighter won but when kids qq and those GM fell for it shame on it.........
  • marqvsmarqvs Posts: 26Member Beginner
    First Fight was 1:1 Bra
    Final Match i won 2:1 on Global vs you
    You won only 3rd on Korean which shouldnt take a place ... :D now cry me a river
    Its all i had to say and i hope you will stop crying soon and cheating is never good bra
    and thats what making the good players PRO :D (they dont need to cheat to win)
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