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Results of those who have already finished their fights have been updated. All remaining fights can be found in the link. Please post your results and we will have them updated.

Hi guys!

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Fight Night since there seems to have been a lot of questions. I'll do my best to answer them here.

If you have any other questions, please ask them here and I will respond back later. Thanks :)

Why is the event still ongoing? It should be done already.
I will apologize on behalf of everyone for this occuring and whatever inconveniences you experienced due to this. The delay is due to individuals contacting us raising their concern of specific players exploiting the results and round robin system. At this time we are contacting these players as well as the remaining players who have yet to finish their brackets. We know we set a deadline for the event however, we would like to promote a fair environment for all our players. We don't want anyone to miss out due to another player exploiting a system to their benefit. Having things happen out of your control, or losing to those who are cheating is a terrible feeling we would like to prevent.
This is likely to take a couple days to finish contacting everyone and sorting it out.  Thanks for your understanding in the mean time.

When do I get my prizes?
All prizes will be given out at the same time. If you won, you will surely be given your prize you deserve. So for those who have already finished their brackets or are waiting on a dice roll, please be patient for your prizes until the rest of the larger brackets finish.

How are points calculated?
The event runs on a best of three fights scoring method. This means:
2 wins, 0 losses = 2 wins 1 loss = 1 win, 2 draws = win = 3 points
1 win, 1 lose, 1 draw = 3 draws = draw = 1 point
1 win, 2 losses = 1 loss, 2 draws = loss = 0 points

My class is split to two groups. What is going on?
Due to some class groups being larger than others, they were split into two groups - group A and group B. The top two players of both group A and group B will play each other in a single elimination championship of their class bracket to determine the top 3 of the whole class. 
1st place group A fights 2nd place group B. 
2nd place group A fights 1st place group B.
Assuming you follow this pattern,  your whole class category has finished their fights and want to finish your fights early, you can do so. Otherwise, we will be posting the combined group A and group B brackets after we have contacted all players regarding those avoiding fighting or attempting to exploit the round robin system.

I see a problem with the leaderboard. Why are you guys blind?
Please send a ticket to the Help Desk regarding something we may have overlooked. We will correct it ASAP with the next leaderboard update.

You will get a win under the conditions of a win, draw, draw.  Also, thanks for pointing out anyone who is not participating within your bracket and slowing down the Fight Night process.

Thanks for letting us know, however, we will be doing prizing for everyone at the same time at the end of the event.

Assuming you win the first two fights, then yes, there is no need for a third. 2 straight wins will declare you the winner in a best of three tourney.

see above

If you win 2 matches and your opponent wins 1, you will still be considered the victor and gain 3 points. If you notice an error in the leaderboard, please do not hesitate to send us a ticket letting us know. If two players have the same score in the end, they will fight each other to determine the final winner.
P.S. > The video event was ongoing during the same time as the Fight Night event. If you want to submit another entry given there is more time to do so than you realized or you found something better to submit, you are more than welcome to.

Players needed to be the appropriate levels when they were placed into the brackets when they were first announced.

We will look into this for the next leaderboard update tomorrow, thanks for letting us know!

2:1 and 2:0 will both score you 3 points. If someone is refusing to fight, please send screenshots to our Help Desk so we may take the appropriate actions.
Please check above. :)


  • MisaValentineMisaValentine Posts: 26Member Beginner
    I still love to see those who fight fair and square get their points, I am still missing for my points from the pvp with JaneDoe.
    draw first one, win second and third one i was goofing around and it went to draw.
    Or wont i get points for my win if i draw 2 times? i mean a win is a win, 3points<1point

    And the one person to get deleted completely from the pvp tourny would be the segnale 190+ xxxChacraxxx , it is refusing to pvp anyone but soll7.

    best regards
    Impatient   xMisaValentine
  • gregory13gregory13 Posts: 29Approved Member Beginner
    How is the point system works? I mean win=3 points lose=0 draw=1 but what if pvp ends in win/draw/draw? Obvious it cant be 5 points...or lose/draw/draw? 2 points?
    Explanation please?
  • jgranaditajgranadita Posts: 43Approved Member Beginner
    I am Youkai " Segundo":i want Emblema del dragón  


  • MisaValentineMisaValentine Posts: 26Member Beginner
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    gregory, it is best of 3 matches, meaning like i did with jane, draw,win,draw. i am expecting 3 points from that pvp. 

    And @Youkai, u are not second place in the bracket. they messed up points so bad lol. besides u would have to pvp the other 2 alokens from the other bracket before u start saying what u want for price.
  • SojuPayToLoseSojuPayToLose Posts: 240Approved Member Trainee
    We need to do max only 3 pvps right? If win 2x in the row then no need for third pvp as i heard but in my group B hunter my pvp with tyra we did 4x for fun.
    Soju vs Tyra

    First fight i won
    Second fight tyra won
    Third fight because Tyra shield pot so draw.

    So how the point count? As tyra post ss from fourth fight that he won?

    Beloved Soju QQ
  • DesolationDesolation Posts: 69Approved Member Beginner
    So how does this work, I won my Group A Bracket. There will be a second bracket or do I get a prize? I don't comprehend this event how it's being planned or how it is. 
  • heildestruheildestru Posts: 167Approved Member Trainee
    i do have a question.
    How does the score system work?
    me versus another player, i win 2 matches, the other guy wins only 1 of them. does he recive one victory point and i 2 ? or does he recive no points and i only recive 1 ?

    i did face all 7 oponents.
    and my score was 5 wins 2 loss *over all*
    But in Rounds won i had around 9 rounds won 3 loses,

    Also what if 2 players have the same amount of wins/score ? Do they then share first/second place or do they *have* to fight again ? or will it be a roll Dice ?

    PS: Please give some more information about the Video Making Event* Like a deadline atleast,,,
    Since Gametribe opened dekaron i have allways loved to make dekaron videos,
    Hit me up for video suggestions/ideas and requests and maby il make it a reality.
    Check out my Yt channel For entertaning videos all from
    Montage parodys'
    Serious montages'
    PvP/pk/pve videos'
    and lots and lots more <3

  • Carthage1992Carthage1992 Posts: 79Approved Member Beginner
    If im done with all fights in my bracket. Can i Continue Farming And lvling? I Wait now 1 Week And just can do colosseum
    And DK Square. I See no Problem to lvl or? Someone Said i Need to stay on my
    Lvl till the Event Is done.. Any answer from Papaya or GM please.
  • MisaValentineMisaValentine Posts: 26Member Beginner
    edited October 2016
    @heildestru, it is the best of 3 matches. for example

    1win, 1win,1 loss = total 3 points added to scoreboard
    1draw,1draw,1draw= total 1 point added to scoreboard
    1loss,1loss,1loss= total 0 points added to scoreboard
  • voulabogs1991voulabogs1991 Posts: 46Approved Member Beginner
    Question : When will the top 2 of each group start the fight? can we start now?

  • MondiVGMondiVG Posts: 214Approved Member Trainee
    edited October 2016
    Dear [DK]PapayaPlay:

    (1)Explain to us about the pvp's fights which ends like 1-1 + draw ? or 1 + draw + draw ?  or all 3 draw ?

    Simple how it works do we get points ?

    (2) Question : When will the top 2 of each group start the fight? We know all the fights has not end yet but do we need to chase them until find them or put dead line time date and lets finish this bring us A19+
  • Csabi00Csabi00 Posts: 8Approved Member Beginner
    i want to know why me at scoreboard i have 3 wins and 2 lose im crius 190+ platinum GROUP B VS  i have proof and posted on forum with the 4 wins and 1 lose but roda have 2-3 lose but on scoreboard write 4 win and 1 lose lol do it correct not wrong waiting ur anwer
  • CarabaoCarabao Posts: 15Approved Member Beginner
    edited October 2016
    Only question for me is: Why it STILL shows in the list that I have 2 losses even tho I only have 1 (against Aleksandria)

    Should have 1 win (DnLisLost),  1 lose and 1 draw (KnowPain)

    ~Carabao, Conserra Summoner | Platinum Bracket

  • kajcabekkajcabek Posts: 8Member Beginner
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    I have one question , iam win all pvp from my group , and got one losse ?
    N4ssivin vs Iamsory 2:0 for me
    N4ssivin vs Ememio 2:1 for me
    N4ssivin vs Kumar 2:0 for me
    N4ssivin vs lynkos 2:0 for me
    N4ssivin vs ZShadowZ 1:0 win and he dont want make next pvp screens are share on web.
    Calela is banned what i hear from players in game , so cant fight with him.

                                                            thanks for answer N4ssivin.
  • SuperMan25SuperMan25 Posts: 113Approved Member Trainee
    Calella is not banned. He renamed to Crius.
  • DeathQueenyDeathQueeny Posts: 52Approved Member Beginner
    hey im DeathQueen (190+ Aloken, Group B)

    1) i won 2 chars from my group:

    I won lBLOOD (2:0)
    I Won and ShadowAlokenLV (1:0, 2xDraws)

    Why do i have only 3 points same as ShadowAlokenLV if i won...??

    2) U said that 2 Best Players of each group will have to pvp eachother in a small 4 members group...

    do we have to make those pvps now (in our free time) or only after u publish the results?

    please answer me



  • anhphucanhphuc Posts: 46Approved Member Beginner
    IAmNoBody bagy 190+ i tried to contact SIGFRIED for pvp but he never seen to be on the whole time  so i guess that mean he is off the list ..anyway i got the highest point so that mean i win right ?/ or i still need to pvp him? plz answer ty
  • DesolationDesolation Posts: 69Approved Member Beginner
    You guys said this event is ending on 8th October 2016. I don't get why you sent the mail saying we're going to get disqualified? We were not informed as the Community to begin to fight the next group or to when we move forward to the next bracket for the Fight Night Event? 

    I already informed [GM]Veronica about XxXChacraXxX. XxXChacraXxX informed [GM]Veronica that she wants to be disqualified from the Event. 
    I've won fights from the rest of my Group A Platinum 190+. Soll7 & DARKANGELjs.

    Desolation & Soll7 
    2 - 0
    1st Fight

    2nd Fight 

    Desolation & DARKANGELjs
    2 - 0 
    1st Fight 

    2nd Fight

  • caroline0414caroline0414 Posts: 12Approved Member Beginner
    edited October 2016
    gm... cant able to finish my fights, WindScar and BlackPanTher always offline. i already pm them everyday and i already mail them and yet no reply. i already post my SS about mailing them. its unfair to me if im not able to get the price. im stock in lvl 179 because of this event. if i got lvl 180 am i going to disqualified?
  • lynk0slynk0s Posts: 15Approved Member Beginner
    I'm available for my last fight from 08:30 pm CEST to midnight today
    Then i'm available on the weekend 

    zShadow, be ready !

  • maliive12345maliive12345 Posts: 8Member Beginner
    IGN Elean0rCR0
    AK 180-189
    I was 2. place in group B, today I fighted AK VoulaBogs who was 1. place in group A

    Round 1:

    Round 2:
  • SojuPayToLoseSojuPayToLose Posts: 240Approved Member Trainee
    question is the dragon emblem box tradeable as reward? because some ppl already have it can you make it tradeble so we have sell it lol?

  • caroline0414caroline0414 Posts: 12Approved Member Beginner
    PM and Mail for my Braket AK (170-179) still no reply from WindScar and BlackPanTher

    my ign: 7ucasImage and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • SuperMan25SuperMan25 Posts: 113Approved Member Trainee
    edited October 2016
    They should make those tradable. It's worthless for people that have it and they will get it as a prize. But on the other hand Dragon Knight Bracket 190+ points are still not updated. GMs might what to take a look again and add the points up.

    Drag0nRider 2 wins against Chizue = 3 points

    Drag0nRider 2 wins 1 loss against PHZN = 3 points

    Drag0nRider 2 wins 1 draw against Daruma = 3 points

    Drag0nRider 2 draw 1 win against Synthetics = 3 points

    I should have a total of 12 points.

    I have all the Screenshot if needed again.

    If Dragon emblem is tradable I'll take that but If it's not I'll take a GD spear +10
  • sp04jamesp04jame Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    Hi all..Im grITuS. segu lvl 193..

    I have 3 fights left and i don't know how to do my 3 remaining score was 4 lose and 0 win so  i have 3 fights left but i cant reach to find my 3 opponent when i log into the game maybe we have opposite playing time..:) :)

  • MondiVGMondiVG Posts: 214Approved Member Trainee
    edited October 2016
    Here it is simple how should be....

    2 - 0 = 3 points
    1-1 + draw =1 point each
    1 + draw + draw = 3 point because he won 1 of the 3 fights should have points not 0
    draw + draw + draw = 1 point each or 0


  • CopyAzureCopyAzure Posts: 13Approved Member Beginner
    edited October 2016
    Hello i won all matches of my Bracket ( Summoner 180-189 Bracket)

    I would like to know if im allowed to lvl im at 189 97%.. i dont want to wait till the event is done...

    Edit: As Prize i choose a Perp Box thanks... :)

    IGN : Satan
  • malasebamalaseba Posts: 14Member Beginner
    I have posted 3 times result of my pvp. Muidroxe vs perks0511. Me (Muidroxe) won 2-0 and there is still 0 points to me. Its Rank 180-189 Class Mages.....As i am a winner i want to get Dragonic Perpetus. you can check it in results page 3.
  • voulabogs1991voulabogs1991 Posts: 46Approved Member Beginner
    We already do this pattern:
    1st place group A fights 2nd place group B
    2nd place group A fights 1st place group B
    Our bracket is done 180-189 Azure Knight
    Question: do we need to fight again after you combined group a and b?

    I hope no more. Because we do what you said.
  • caroline0414caroline0414 Posts: 12Approved Member Beginner
    edited October 2016
    what happened in our braket theres no fight between each of us.

    ign: 7ucas

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