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    If I understand well;
    1 placed in group (A)
    faced second-placed group (B)
    1 placed Group (B)
    faced second-placed group (A)
    Because ? Duels to the table this measure?


    My class is divided into two groups. What is going on?
    Due to some class of groups being greater than the other, they were divided into two groups - Group A and Group B. The two players of both groups A and B will play each other in a single elimination tournament your class range to determine the top 3 of the whole class.
    1st group of a fight 2nd place in group B.
    2nd group of a fight 1st place in group B.
    Assuming you follow this pattern, your whole class category ended their struggles and want to finish their early struggles, you can do it. Otherwise, we will be posting the combined group A and group B supports having contacted all players on the fighting avoid or try to exploit the system round robin.

    Carolina is placed 1 group (A)
    Oceania is placed 1 group (B)
    2 is placed ANCHROSAWAY Group (A)
    XLADYGAGA is placed Group 2 (B)

    Therefore, it would
    Carolina X XLADYGAGA ??????????????????????

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    Question at Fight Night organizer
    Hunter$ Final 4 pvp bracket confusion

    Madeinchine X Unicorn ( fight for 3rd place ?)

    Tyra X Soju ( fight for 1st and 2nd place ? )

    Plz confirm this asap...
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    Well confuson is even more bigger. :)

    Doesnt meter how happy im to see myself on finals... my place is not there.

    Results of my group are:

    MadeInChine vs Unicorn 0 - 2

    MadeInChine VS MaiPosee 0 - 2

    MaiPosee VS Unicorn 0 - 2

    As you can see i have 0 points MaiPosee should be the 2nd place player from our group.

    I dont know whats going on.

    I already send a ticket about this hope they answer as fast is posible and fix it.   

    Резултат с изображение за dekaron trans

    Main Char:

    MadeInChine  <<<

    Segita Hunter 192

    Резултат с изображение за dekaron skills

    Alt Char:

    Galaxy <<<

    Aloken 170

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    Here you are right.

    Final bracked should be given chance to all fight for the 1st 2nd 3th place.

    Should be as first brackeds every1 vs all others.

    Like this all have chance to get fair results and will show truly whos the top player each class.

    Резултат с изображение за dekaron trans

    Main Char:

    MadeInChine  <<<

    Segita Hunter 192

    Резултат с изображение за dekaron skills

    Alt Char:

    Galaxy <<<

    Aloken 170

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    please gms explain me 2 things:
    1) me and bisu were in the same group and we won all other players (Group B)
    according to what u said, 1st place from goup A will pvp 2nd place from Group B and 1st place from Group B will pvp 2nd place from Group A, which means that me(DeathQueen) and BISU have to pvp with players from Group A (xxdeanwinchesterxx and novaprime/youkai) why u put me vs bisu again???..its wrong..i have to face with xXDeanWinchesterXx and Youkai/NovaPrime then we can see whos the best!!

    Anyway: xXDeanWinchesterXx and Youkai Dont wanna pvp me and BISU (maybe bcuz they know they have no chance and they trying to get 2nd and 3rd places) how we can know whos the best???

    2) why Youkai in the top 4 players and not NovaPrime?, NovaPrime won Youkai 2-1 While Youkai lost all his fights...

    plz answer me!!!


    and yes mondi's right..all top players should get a chance to get 1st 2nd and 3rd places..(3 more battles to every1)
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    I just said that I'm waiting for what GM should do
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    I won youkai 2 - 1image

  • shinratensi9shinratensi9 Posts: 49Approved Member Beginner
    2nd win  nova vs youkai   nova winsimage
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    @[DK]PapayaPlay You still havent replied to my messages or my post!
    PLEASE REPLY..... -_- 
    I signed up but I don't know if I'm even in the bracket? My Vsummy(Kuv5k) was in the 170-179 bracket. Didn't know how long the event would take and I am now lv 180 going to 181.....also I Changed my name of the Summy to AlphaKennyBody. Am I still in the fight night bracket???
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    Hunter 190+ final 4 pvp
    Soju vs MadeinChine
    I won 2 round but no updated yet.
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    Dkpapaya Gold bracket 180-189 Azure Knight is done please review again the Screen Shot.

    1st place - KnightandDay

    2nd place - EleanorCRO

    3rd place - VoulaBogs

    Please update the SCORE BOARD.. Here are the pages of the Screen shot so you can easily find them.

    Fight Night Result : Page 10 - Voulabogs vs EleanorCRO and KnightandDay vs MorZze.
    Page 12- Voulabogs vs MorZze for 3rd place  also same page 
    KnightandDay vs EleanorCRo for 1st & 2nd place.

    Please dkpapaya review again the result and update it. ...
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    Segnale bracket 180-189
    2nd place
    I choose my prize as the dragonic perpetuus box.
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    DKPapaya  Any update about the prize?

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    Dude stop. Just wait.
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    "All prizes will be given out at the same time. If you won, you will surely be given your prize you deserve. So for those who have already finished their brackets or are waiting on a dice roll, please be patient for your prizes until the rest of the larger brackets finish."

    Can i know why many people got his prize and there is still someone who didnt?

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    i receive talismans,rank coins,pet,
    but they dont send me my prize ,so what happend with this?

    THX(Sycler) gold bracket(3rd HB)
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    ID: WhyMe

    Bracket: 180-189 Concerra


    In the event the beginning we were in the three but a rose on
    to the next bracket and we are two. Once you have done the duels I was second,
    but I want the third prize is the perpetus. I wonder how they can give me

    We were three in the beginning but 1 of us rise up and go to
    the next bracket and we became to be two in the bracket.

    Once we have done the duels i got the second place but i want
    the third prize who is perpetus because we was three in the beginig.

    Wanna know what i need to do to get the reward. Who i need to
    talk or where i need to be, say me something when u can.


    Thank you

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