gm plzz help mondi cheat to win

congaicungcongaicung Posts: 17Approved Member Beginner
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he said that nothing gona be use but he use shield potion and bisu was in his pt but he  got dc so i dont know what els he use but here  is the prove that he siad it imageimage


  • SuperMan25SuperMan25 Posts: 113Approved Member Trainee
    Doesn't matter anymore. Pvp says use everything you got. He outsmarted you plain and simple.
  • congaicungcongaicung Posts: 17Approved Member Beginner
    ofc the pvp was everything to use but we got 3x draw so we agreed on pvp with nothing be use so that mean he lie to me and any1 was there ... so what you gona get when you lieng to any one  and trying to trick them ?? 
  • SuperMan25SuperMan25 Posts: 113Approved Member Trainee
    It's simply a mind game. Mondi lured you into it and you fall for it. I doubt GM would do anything, although it would be nice for them not to count that as a win so that people would learn from it. Mondi is a crook and can't be trusted.
  • anhphucanhphuc Posts: 46Approved Member Beginner
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    GM plzz look at the pvp mondi and destiny they are both agreed not to use anything like buff (candy) or shield pot. every1 was there and saw it you can ask every1 they all knw however mondi cheated and used shield pot and we have proof of he used shield pot, as you GM said on all posted if you cheated and break the rules is intolerant in this game and should lead to lose .we are the community all agree to make modi lose cuz he is a big liar and cheated to win as GM and a referee plzz help us and explain to us if cheated to win is tolerate in this game and its fine to do so then we are the community wont have nothin left to say

     BTW cheat is also mean scam so if scam is not tolerate then it should be that way .otherwise ppl just go ahead and cheat and scam or break the rules and it just fine? we are the community hoping you GM make this fair thank you alot ,
  • MondiVGMondiVG Posts: 214Approved Member Trainee
    Here is the thing I am not gone continue to comment people like you haters deal with it!

    (1) We did agree not use candy...........BUT we didn't say anything about shield pots he lost deal with it we will meat again next event...................

    I am done with you people keep qq I will drink from your tears!
  • congaicungcongaicung Posts: 17Approved Member Beginner
    we agree nothing is use now you say you didn't agree then why you dont  say anything about using a sheild pot  your just a cheater to win  
  • SojuPayToLoseSojuPayToLose Posts: 240Approved Member Trainee
    Same thing happen to me vs Tyra but we both did agree only fishes and hp /mp pot + NO SHIELD POT but Tyra spam shield pot on purpose or accident who knows lol that should count as Auto Lost QQ.
  • DesolationDesolation Posts: 69Approved Member Beginner
    I don't know why you guys are complaining, the rules for this event states you can use anything. If he/she agrees to whatever, uses something against you on a Global fights. It's your fault for not playing the fox game to use whatever against them.
  • SuperalokenSuperaloken Posts: 19Approved Member Beginner
    mondi mate u just cheat it u need to rematch
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