Karin dont give any Halloween ring!

temastudio1temastudio1 Posts: 2Member Beginner
Here is the text you send us users/players:
Upgrade your Halloween ring to tier 6!

(collect crystals from decayed pumpkins to get the job done.)

Event Details

1. Collect your S2 Halloween Ring T1 from NPC Karin in Ardeca

2. Upgrade your ring to T5 using Seed of Dreams

Enter Python Dungeon in the Doomed Maze and defeat Deux Marble for a
chance to spawn a decayed pumpkin and a Halloween Crystal.

But, as Karin do NOT give me the Halloween ring T1, as you write that she will, its NOT possible to play your event...

Where can I get this ring?

I have it on some old characters, but some dont have it...

// Prince / King Cobra

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