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We are updating the winners!!

As the video that was ranked 2nd got disqualified, S1LeNtH1LL will be moving up to the 2nd rank!

This change means there is a new 3rd place winner. We are happy to announce that the new 3rd place winner is Jaythegreat!


Hello Heroes,

Our video submission event has come to its end and we were overwhelmed and impressed by all your great skills. 

Finalizing the top 3 hasn’t been easy but here they are:

1.       Pippelinveljenpoika

3.       S1LeNtH1LL

2.       Jaythegreat


Please let us know which item you would like to obtain as prize from the list

(Please note that you can only alternatively choose from tiers below your rank)


1.      Azure Lunacy Weapon +9

2.      Red Phoenix Mount

3.      Azure Luancy Weapon +0

We would like to thank all that participated and took all the time and effort to share
their skills with us! We loved what we saw!

You are all more than welcome to send us your videos, so they may be featured on our
YouTube channel at their highest quality. To do so, please transfer your videos using WeTransfer ( ) and send them to us at

We are looking forward to seeing you participate in future events and hope you’ll
enjoy your Blacksmith’s Talisman 40%!


  • voulabogs1991voulabogs1991 Posts: 46Approved Member Beginner
    @DKpapaya as the winner i choose Red Phoenix Mount as my reward.

    thank you guys more power. 
  • forumpippeforumpippe Posts: 10Member Beginner
    I choose Red Phoenix Mount as well.

  • h2obrrh2obrr Posts: 290Approved Member Intermediate
    I'll take the Lunacy shield, thanks.

    Congratz @Pippelinveljenpoika & @VoulaBogs

    PS: If the first place wants to donate his +9 prize to me I wouldnt care hahahaha.
  • h2obrrh2obrr Posts: 290Approved Member Intermediate
    Sorry, but why did I receive a Lunacy Seal Force +0?
  • TomoriTomori Posts: 561Approved Member Intermediate
    Congratulations to the winners!
    I have to admit all the videos were great! :)
    Submit a ticket by clicking on these yellow letters.

  • zensat1onzensat1on Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    edited November 2016
    i am Zensation aka. Playmaster and someone just stole my Video.
    VoulaBogs is a scammer/video stealer.

    The 2nd place is my video.
    I did not take part in this event!!! But since my video won i want my price.
    @ Papaya Play. Contact me on my youtube page (owner of this video) or my Facebook Fan page.

  • [DK]PapayaPlay[DK]PapayaPlay Posts: 41Papaya Play Beginner

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have taken action with regards to this. Unfortunately though, since you didn't officially enter the competition we cannot reward you with the prize. However, I must absolutely credit you with being able to make interesting and entertaining videos. :) 
  • h2obrrh2obrr Posts: 290Approved Member Intermediate
    edited November 2016
    I'm out of this event after the last reply of  GM's to my ticket.

    Thanks for who have watched/liked the video.
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