Santa Card will be deleted after maintenance?

jwx81935jwx81935 Posts: 24Member Beginner
edited January 2017 Events

As per announcement says "Christmas related stuffs"

can someone clarify this?


  • trokneterg6trokneterg6 Posts: 126Approved Member Trainee
    edited January 2017
    Why did theye delete the runs
    I have mine from last year permament and now it will be deleted.
    This is not corect.
    Only the run lvl 1 amd 2 have the info that it will be deleted.
  • h2obrrh2obrr Posts: 290Approved Member Intermediate
    edited January 2017
    It was supposed to be deleted in the past years.
    They are doing the right thing.


    I mean the runes
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