Games like 2Moons/Dekaron

cristicristi6500cristicristi6500 Posts: 0Member Beginner
Can anybody recommend  some MMORPG games like this one but with less bugs, more players and an overall better experience? When nexon took this game from gamehi it all became shitier each day. Any recommendations?


  • griynnsugriynnsu Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Of course certainly not allowed here to talk about the third-party projects, but if you ask, there is no nowadays rly unique Games ..depend what u want. Powerful and great animated skills, combos?-Cabal. Action and skillbased combat?-LA2 and Aion, but no more classic game, new updates breaks old immersion and fun. Some retarget? -Shity Tera, Booby Black Desert, Revelation is good. And ofc OP Raiderz, but game is shutting down. Some sidescrolller god is DFO, and no more similiar.

    I played over 10 mmos and was reviewed 100+ new and old. In 2017 all mmos based on donate, if game can be good 1,2,3 months,
    later it disappears or became unplayable cuz ebuyers or cheaters, unstable economy etc. Why i return to Dekaron?-Thats because i cant find something better now. New projects is shit.
  • griynnsugriynnsu Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Damn, i even dont know why i went to the forum where you can not write anything, it seems moders is dead lul
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