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    still w8ting act19/19.5/20/20,5/21/21.5/22...bla bla bla...free2play

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    soon man soon
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    Make Dragonic Perpetuus Tradable!!
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    Good Day Everyone,

    Hope all is well and enjoying the new adventured to be had. was wondering getting updated opinion from players on the topic with some of the changes made.


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    i kinda like the changes, yet, the biggest problem still remains, OP stuff is available only in random boxes.
    If you look into the past when phantom wings were released for example, whole server was running with those wings and it was still equal. Now it is jsut about very few lucky players with those new broken wings(flag of war(win)) and rest gets nothing. 
    By putting those wings into dshop for fixed price and making them tradeable, you would make way more money and everybody would be much happier.
    Happy comunity = more money for the compan and you know everybody is complaining about random boxes and OP stuff being obtainable through random boxes only
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    So far the chances have fantastic. The unbinded dshop items (such as talis, orincas, the key packages etc)
    I think there could be a few more to be had such as costumes.
    Adding in-game GMs would be a huge help since you guys are too busy. These people some be vets, who don't gain too much of the GM power, but more as a direct link to you guys so they can forward information about bugs etc as and when they arise.

    Oh and advertise the game.

    But other than that, epic shit guys. GG.

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    As a side note, this company(and other who engage in such random gambles) makes waay too much money from them. Lets say the wings get put in at 40$. Yeah youll get the usual lets say 100 people who will buy em.
    Having the chance for the wings in a random box, which a lower initial cost entices players who buy lower amounts of dkc to buy them. So instead of a few one off 40$ payments, theyll take 100s of 5$ for it. Coupled with the lowered chance of getting item from the random box, people will go 1 of two ways. 1. realise a scam when they see it and cut their losses. 2. Get caught up in the lower payment hype, over spend and still not receive it fueling more donations on a lost cause.

    If everyone is really united against the random box fallacy, they wouldnt be adding more as there wouldnt a market for it so when you say everyone, youre actually talking about the minority.
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    People requesting changing the f2p model to p2p seriously lack understanding why wouldn't it work with this game..
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    yes, you are right, people are buying random boxes, because they are forced to buy them, because the OP end game content is being put only into random boxes.

    Let them make test, put something in dshop for fixed price and they will see the sales
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    I do agree with the random boxes issue. 

    Flash back at the time Phantom/Crusader wings and costume were in dshop, everyone in the game bought those packages for 40$. It's upsetting that in 2017 a company put so much effort in dshop sales using such a cheap method. In few words:

    A product for a standard price sells more than a product with a random chance to be obtained. 
    Submit a ticket by clicking on these yellow letters.

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    Im mindblown that ppl even discuss something like that. Power SHOULD NEVER be sold for real money. EVER. That is what killed this game initially. No costumes with stats, no wing with stats, nothing with extra stats should be sold in the dshop. It should all be cosmetic and convenience items.

    These vids were linked several years ago on nexon forums. Dont remember by who. Papaya should watch these.

    Doubt papaya even reads this thread.. but worth a shot I guess.
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    I've watched a bunch of there videos based on their free to play discussions. It's been some of the things I've been pushing for, and have shared with the team.

    I believe it was some of there videos on economics that helped with reforming the in-game currency too.
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    Extra Credits makes some pretty well informed good content. Personally i would suggest that all the gm's and devs watch there videos on f2p game economy, and game balancing, and level creation. I know it might not all apply to this game, but they go over some pretty good points and ideas that could help this game.

    And about the random boxes, ill start off by saying im not really a fan of them having OP items without the option to also just buy said item.

    Going through 100s of boxes for a dragon emblem, wasnt very fun. Had it bee available to buy i would have still tried some random boxes, but after about 100 i would have probably just bought the item.

    I also agree though OP items shouldnt be in dShop... UNLESS you can also farm for them in game. So 185 weaps, sure your choice buy in game, or grind new dg to make, perp. sure grind for a while to get it or buy in dShop.

    It keeps it still fair for everyone, those that want to just pay for the item can and enjoy it and have fun. But those that dont want to buy into the game, or just dont want to pay for that item, dont have to, they can still put in the time and effor and get the same thing, thats alot more fare system then only people who pay 50-100 or more get op items, but still leaves options open to older players who maybe just want to start a new char and dont wanna spend weeks+ to get a perp or something.

    I also feel that most OP items should either be able to be grinded for or bought. Things like dragon emblem having to way to grind sucks. Same with red wings, and colo isnt a good excuse since mostly only op people play it. But thats a whole nother can of worms that im not opening yet.

    Good luck gimzo ! Keep watching extra credits there pretty good videos. Maybe you being a GM you could write to them, explain who you are, what dekaron is, and see if theyd do a pros & cons or something about the game, could get the game out to many people whove never herd of it and will probably love it. Just my 2 cent.
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    I don't know if what I'm about to say is on-topic here or not, so I apologize beforehand if its off-topic, but here are also some ideas worth taking into account, in order to make dekaron, as a whole, a much more enjoyable game for everyone, including new players who never played it before.

    Two major issues that dekaron is confronting, as an online game, is:
    1. Not having a proper wikia page (the last attempt on making a wiki has failed miserably)
    2. Not having an active community on the forums.

    So here are my suggestions, in order to deal with both of the issues: 

    1. Now, for the wikia page, I would personally try and set up a whole wikia page for the game, however that would mean a lot of work, which is pretty much impossible for a single person to handle, therefore, you need to convince the entire community to take part in this, and to do that, you need to reward those who contributed.  Let me give you a brief example: Say we start a new wikia page, and someone creates a sub-page about.. let's say the wedding belt. If he posts every single available information (how a wikia page should have) about the belt, where it drops,the approximate drop rate(not necessarily in %, although it would be great if the devs would make all that data available for public knowledge) what stats it gives, whats the success rate on reinforcing, what items you use to reinforce it, where can you find those items, a pic of the actual belt, etc, then that page is counted as his personal contribution, and that player is rewarded, say 100 dcoins for 1 page (it can be more or less, the amount doesn't matter at this stage, just the concept). The more a player contributes, the more dcoins he will get, thus motivating the community to get involved in developing a good wikia page. Contributions should only be awarded for pages which contain complete and correct information about a specific item, dungeon, quest etc. However in order to prevent people to create pages with false or incomplete information, I suggest, that only the users who complete the page by a certain standard, should be rewarded.
    The standard should be created by your dev team, papaya, and made public so that people who are interested to do contribute, but don't know what they have to do, have an example on how to do so.

    2. In order to have an active community on the forums, similar methods to what I said on point 1. need to be applied. So I suggest creating a point system on the forums, for some of the following categories: General, Class Discussion, PVP, Guild recruiting, market place, suggestions and feedback, tips and guides, and media. For each thread someone starts in this sections, he gets 10 points, for each post he makes on a thread in one of those sections, he gets 2 points, for each like 0.5 points(Again, the amount doesn't matter at this stage, just the concept). The points gathered from the forum activity, should then be used in a shop (similar to the webshop you guys set up, but for forum points-only), in which the user can exchange his points for dcoins with 1:1 ratio, or for various dshop items, you can also add discontinued items, such as the vampire costume, that will only be available to purchase in this new shop. In order to prevent users from abusing this system, some new rules must be applied, such as, stay on-topic, like a post or thread only if you made a comment (which has to be on-topic as I said before), and of course no multiple-threads on the same subject. If a user doesn't obey the rules, all the points gathered so far will be deleted, and also limited time ban from the forums (1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days) at first, and if things go on, eventually permanent ban on the forums.

    The ideas I just mentioned, are raw ideas, I am aware that they can be improved, but the bottom line is, that its vital for dekaron to have (like every online game ever) forum activity, and a wikia page. Why? Well, ever since I re-started playing dekaron about 2 or 3 years ago I've met just 2, maybe 3 new players(players that never played dekaron before). And those players quit the game in less than a week. Seeing just 2-3 new player in this period of time, its because the lack of advertisement, which is another story, but the fact that they quit in less than a week, is due to the fact that this game has almost no information accessibility. Not because its an old game, or a "bad" game compared to newer-generation games,its just very hard, if not impossible to start anew here, but once you get started, find some friends, have a guild with them, there's tons of fun. All those dungeons that seem so boring to farm, or all those random pk's in crespo or maze, become much better, once you set up a voip for your guild, and you just hang out with your guildies there,doing all that stuff.
    And if someone doesn't believe me when I say that the game has almost no information accessibility, just try to search some useful information about lost horizon ( I was curious last night about this upcoming event, because I missed the last LHs, and surprise surprise, there is absolutely no information available on the internet, or at least not in english.) or try to find info on... let's say pantheon ring (which is a very op ring for 149 dksq, however due to the fact that its boxed, I'm having a very hard time selling it, most of the people thinking I wanna scam them when I tell them the stats, thus not buying the box), anyway, you get the point.

    Maybe this post should've be done as a thread in the "Suggestions and Feedback" section, but I consider that what I said could make the game a "win win for both the players and the supporting team" as [DK]Gismo mentioned, plus no-one ever checks that section anyway(because of 2.), so it would have been a complete waste of my time.

    Thank you, and have a nice day !
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    I'd say everyone should be able to farm/upgrade items to be on par (or almost) with other people, I mean people should be able to at least compete a bit against donators. Therefore my suggestion is to have:

    1)Farmable/upgradable Emblem

    2)Farmable/upgradable costume (we had one from Colo but there is no Colosseum quest anymore and if you win/lose without getting any kills you don't get shit, so it's still p2w and only geared people can farm a costume, most likely useless for them since most of those who join already use Dshop costumes)

    3)Farmable wings with decent stats

    4)Increased drop rate in Honeymoon dungeon, because if you don't spend thousands of dollars, good luck getting wedding rings, most of the time that dungeon doesn't even get you a 7% gem, and please, fk timed drops, especially if they have their stats cut.

    5)Increased drop rate of Seed of Dreams/Mitera's Vindictive Spirit. After A19 came out I just got 4-5 total Seeds drops and 0 Mitera's drops, so check it out and maybe put a decent drop rate, don't be so greedy on such items, remember you need thousands of them to upgrade/craft stuff.

    Of course when I talk about having farmable/upgradable stuff, the price of it should be set and shouldn't have a chance of failing, because everybody knows in this game we get ininitely low chance on everything due to your greed.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.
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    i have a 176 dw for like 4 years,i log in see how hard it is to farm solo i log out thanks xd
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    I think it's time to bring this topic back alive again.
    What happened to the point of this thread?
    The game has become MORE pay to win as of late.
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    Dekaron is too hard for beginners. The less player base you have the more the game dies.... wutevs tho.... 
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    Game has become a fucking joke and papaya is doing shit to fix things up. Most incompetent support I've ever had, worst time of response and some sort of an asshole attitude from them. 
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    lol sounds really bad, forget about winning new players you fools
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    Advertise your game, that's the only thing you should do. I don't think Dekaron gets any new players atm. Advertisement was the main reason Dekaron became so popular when Acclaim was the publisher. 
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    make the game playable first... I can't login unless I use VPN. 
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    Its really easy to make the game great again but it will never happen.

    1. Launch new server

    The game is old and I mean really old. People have been playing on their accounts for what? 5, 10 years? The accumulated wealth after all these years is insane and simply not reachable for casual players. And I don't mean that casual players need to be competitive with veterans but the difference is like comparing a demi-god to a flea. How many hundreds of billions do you need to have at least average geared character? The new server would put everyone at square one, in a new economy finding a blue item or even an argate would be meaningful just like in the old days. Heck, even back when they added Cs and Segu I remember making a lot of cash from selling white weapons for new classes. Farming and making new items would be really viable again. (Papaya would get a lot of profit from people buying item upgrade helpers, talismans, etc.) Not to forget how much of duping, botting and hacking slipped through the cracks through the years and made the economy worse.

    2. Make it different

    a) No stated items from dshop (buffs, costumes, wings, emblems etc.). It would be fine if they were only visual upgrades just like in the old days when the word "cosmetics" actually meant cosmetics.

    b) There should be an increase in argate drops from all dungeons and outside farming to incentivize people to farm stuff. Also, drops should be overall increased, especially in dungeons. Auto fishing rods should be removed.

    c) There should be at least one permanent leveling event active at all times. No Infinite Battles, and no free +++ sets from the leveling event. I would personally prefer if they brought back Watermelon rune as a PVP reward.

    d) All PVP events should be made more relevant. Dksq, Battle Royale, Arena.

    e) Old dungeons should be brought back and actually made worth doing again with better drops, quests or other incentives.

    All in all, it comes down to launching a new server, revamping content, revamping d-shop and enjoying a revived game. But we all know none of this will ever happen and Dekaron will be shut down a year or two later when no new company will be willing to take on it. And to everyone who is reading this feel free to discuss any points with me.
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    I agree with this guy... 
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    The new update isn't really f2p there is no way to farm the New Emblem without d-Shop.
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    I have been inactive since like ice castle action.

    Here are my thoughts since coming back.
    • If I didn't have tons of old dils, how the fk would I EVER afford armor / weps?

    This brings me to:

    • 1-185 armor sets and weps are literally irrelevant due to epic helpy stuff, that's also 100% rng dependent on destroy?

    Which makes me realize just how irrelevant every old item is.. s2 annus novo rings.. tiesto arie... blue dragon wings?  Worthless because the game is 100% reliant on having 20% crit and crit/pk resist on every slot?

    Here's a list of items new (or god forbid you were inactive too long) players have no chance of farming or understanding easily:

    • Squama
    • Papaya crystals
    • Perpetuus
    • Lachrymae (unless you know that it takes 3 runs of 160 pt dg and have a guild)
    • MWR/MDN (without dshop and blessing from rng god to even farm beach)
    • +7 or better Ilipia sets that are worthless anyway due to helpy set bonus lmao, cuz no bs protectors?
    • Miterra's bright tears?  Why is pvp enabled on this map and people sit here and 2step you and instantly kill you at spawn?

    To even be relevant in this game (read: not hit for 2k dmg against npcs), you need a very specific setup of wedding rings, master dragon necklace, perp, papaya belt +9 that you can't farm, trieste armlets, high destroy helpy set+wep, and flag of war from literally just getting lucky in dshop, that's had it's prices increased like 5x?

    You can barely even play the game for fun.  The gap between new and old players is too extreme.  You need to at least introduce a lower-tier "end game" setup.  Add set bonuses to all sets, make old items relevant by boosting their stats, make event rings that can compete with MWR/MDN, something like this.

    And somehow incentivize the day-of-the-week daily quests because nobody in Core DF+ guilds gives a fk about them.  BUT we do store old items because they may be needed one day for crafting.

    And for god sake, buy some rights to advertise the game.  This game died when Nexon bought it because they only had the rights to advertise in their own game titles, and it suffered worse than the banning 40% of the game for tradeable keys event.

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    blackpoint55 Farm the New Emblem?? lol what a joke

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    Here's my feel about Free 2 Play Games0:

    It reminds me of a Netflix or Hulu "Free Trail" once it's done after the certain amount of days. You want to upgrade to premium which unlocks everything.That's exactly what gaming in general is, not just Dekaron. Every MMO and every game on most consoles now a days. 

    I believe us Money Warriors of Dekaron when we purchase things that it should be tradeable. Why should it be bound? Shouldn't we as the one spending on the Game have the right to have this traded? I don't know why but I feel I am restricted, because there's things on my Segnale that I wish I could trade to my other Accounts but since it's "bound" I cannot. 

    If you guys made the D-Shop items tradeable for us to trade and sell, it would benefit the Community a lot. I like the fact you've taken baby steps to make the Sealed Spell Dragon tradeable to those who don't not have the Monster Tolerance, or tickets to access and spam them as us Money Warriors have as supply. Sad part, is this game is a wonderful PK MMO, yet when it comes to each Action everyone has the end game sets and items. We're done, nothing to upgrade, nothing to change except either take a break or play a new character. Even at starting a new character, it isn't exciting. 

    I've played a few share of MMO's, one stood out where they have Guild's who have lands. You could implement in the Game where each Guild owns a Map. Where we battle out for territory of the Map? Because DK-Square is boring, Dungeon's we do not farm or were not there in them. DF's are kind of irrelevant and they need a re-vamp because they've been the same since the grand release. I know that you released the 185 Dungeon, but after time it's only 1-2 Dungeon's you've added into game. It's not a huge change to what can excite us. The Helpyron sets is something we're at a pause because no Graces. 

    That's my thoughts though that some change would be great to have to things that are old in this game and since I am someone from open beta. It would be nice to have more change come to the game then little change.

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    This is something I wrote to a dude who asked if he should come back to Dekaron. 

    Here's some info from personal experience:
    1stly, When I started I was full on P2P, had about 25-30 runes on, literary got to 192 in like 5-6 days. People that were playing all the time were barely around 150-155 and they got stuck af.... While I was soloing easily everything they had hard time killing the bosses in the 145 dungeon in Crespo, topkek.
    2ndly, I had maxed out halloween ring, mitera and basically everything that required anything that could be obtained through dshop before I was fking 130... Where as some of my friends were getting srsly jelly, cuz they barely had 4 usefull accessories on... 
    3rdly, I had PVE costume at lvl 1... While my friends were enjoying timed wedding items for like 2-3 weeks before one of them had a panda costume in Wedd dungeon (accidently). I had infinite amount of tickets too cuz ofc... p2w... Managed to get Wedding ring in my 2nd solo attempt I was so OP from the runes that I didn't even need to be geared... LIKE AT ALL... +7 weapon worked perfectly, didn't die once. Same shit in Horror Wedd dungeon, literary soloed it with +7 gear fully runed.  (About the drop rate, I believe that the more you donate, the dshop has a way of unofficially repaying it's debt, aka higher drop rate)
    4th, A little more on the topic of tickets and dungeons. You can literary do an infinite amount of dungeons when you pay, which helps you progress a shit tone faster... It's not only hard for a newcomer, who can't or doesn't want to pay, it's insanely hard, near impossible. 
    5th, Talis n shit... getting full +9/+10 literary took me an hour... Sold shit I bought from dshop, bought argates, protectors and talis - got myself a set... Easy. Yeah, peeps around were begging for dil, talis, +ing n everything... Yes, it was that p2w. 
    6th, Other premium items: Pets, neckies, potions, buffs, basically everything else you can think of.... There are soooo much helpful and op shit that you can only obtain by paying that it's unimaginable.... 
    Lastly and probably the most important fact: Dil buying. There are so many dil buyers in Dekaron, fucking websites can't keep up with the demand, lol. (Friend told me, topkek). I've literary had tones of dude asking me for 15-20 mins to buy my items, also this dude literary asked me if he should get 15 or 20b, or this other dude asked me if 100b is enough for a full set, lol..
    So take a guess m8... How easy would be for a f2p user to compete with a p2w user.... You will literary be on the bottom of the food chain. A bug that's gonna get squashed and outclassed every step of the way. 
    And don't even get me started on the support, ingame bugs, updates and overall development. 

    All in all... If you are willing to spend money - yes, definitely worth coming back to, if not - then find another game to play m8. :) 
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