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  • aelliseaellise Posts: 7Member Beginner
    Wanna make it Free2Play?

    What about bring back the Colo battle so players who dont have enough DKC to obtain costume to go against Sun Wukong costume which cost 4k DKC to acquired. Make it a fair game for those who cant afford DKC items.

    And yes I know why you guys wont bring it back because you want players to spend 4k DKC instead of them having an option to farm almost equally decent PVP Asian Costume. 

    And here you want to talk about Free2Play discussion LOL. 

    Sorry for quite an aggresive tone there its just that too many disappointments in this server from GMs and Devs.
  • jay2k1211jay2k1211 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    +1 to the comments above , and btw dont make us disappoint on this game we worked hard to become better but here comes the issue about GM - Dshop / ilegit item selling from gms or gms on their alt/normal account selling items like 100% talis maybe I dont have the SS but on the other topic like WeakConcerra he showed you all the prof you need to reprogram this game and remove the rats on your system/management go hire new ones . New DEVs new game your current DEVs is the one who set the dekaron ruined by putting GM - Dshop and overpriced DKC items be fair lots of players worked hard and farmed all day just to become stronger than other player but other player used GM - Dshop just to become number 1 theyre lazy pffft and I actually talking to Levante never heared of him I just know him 2mins ago by reading WeakConcerra`s post . 

    P.S : @[GM]Gismo , if you're willing to change this game and be fair to your player banned that player who used GM - Dshop and all the players who used 100% talis . And most importantly don't ever closed this game this is a very awesome game if you'll do that you're just like "Burning a house just to kill a Spider" .

    Respectfuly : Concerned Player 
  • northeastazunortheastazu Posts: 186Approved Member Trainee
    This was a great idea by Gizmo but to be honest it has been blown out of the water by the recent revelations about in game players having access to 100% talis and GM Shop items that make competition actually impossible for the normal player. (Pretty big spider!)

    The game needs to be stripped of any wrong doing and relevant items removed to give a level playing field for all players before the majority will even think about returning to the game. It has now been posted on Facebook about 'corruption' within the game so you can expect this to spread like wildfire and unless the right actions are taken by the people in charge I fear for the future of this game which is a shame as I have played it since 2Moons and will miss it.
  • slick101slick101 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    old player here thinking to start playing again...... started playing 2moonsrising then game got sold/merge to nexxon and became a dekaron waited months for US players get the event change for time difference but nothing change had a 153 bagi and 150 seggy..... my question is, is it worth it to start playing this game again? what is your responds when a legit players gets their equipment's hacked/stolen? is the plaza still gets spammed with some website deal? what do you offer for to protect our personal items? hope to hear from some one soon... love the game but too much hacking and the amount of money i spend when i was playing went down the drain 3x when i got hacked. most of my gears was +9,+8, and +7 but no respond when i reported that i got hacked
  • K1rio5Z0loK1rio5Z0lo Posts: 32Member Beginner
    Close this fking shit thread full of lies 
  • twocheztwochez Posts: 11Member Beginner

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  • cesaroctaviocesaroctavio Posts: 34Member Beginner
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! (someone post a cake please))}


    And now I ask GMGismo, which has been made of everything you asked to be done to improve this great game, which only you have done is to drop it,


    Only the most innovative thing has been the GMSHOP, and your support for that alliance that we all know that they have +10 helpy weaps and gear, with mc3 And all the support they need ... and the other legal players, where we are, we do not count for you I believe.

    Congratulations!!!! every day they are causing more players to leave this game, while from you we do not have a single answer, not a single commentary or a single ACTION against the silent players, there they continue 24/7 in CRESPO or DOOMED, ​​without farming only killing low levels and showing that they have support and nobody will do anything despite having illegal items.

  • PauliokaszPauliokasz Posts: 52Approved Member Beginner
    And even if they delete those +10 items ppl who had it they had enought fun to dont care if they deleted or not, its clear that they support cheating and they involved in this, cause its taking too long fkin CSI PAPAYA GTFO.
  • corpsnzcorpsnz Posts: 0Member Beginner
    lets see.... many good ideas already. heres another one,
    Take your finger off the enhancement rate controller and make the rates a legit odds % chance instead of 0 - 1% chance on +6
    you do realise F2P players are getting killed trying to make good gear, and alot of us dont have the convenience of being given 100% talis by GM's like 75% of the p2w players...
    you wana say nothing is wrong with the rates? then i call ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! lol and can prove that as i call bullshit when i can blow through 50b... thats right. FUCKING 50 BILLION saved up dill and cant even get a helpyron weapon to +6 !!!! what sort of joke is this? so +6 has 1% chance? or less, hate to think what +7 +8 +9 & +10 would be!!! -80%? well that cant be because nearly every pay 2 win player is making +10 helpyron like its lvl 109 weapons ffs... i guess they all just very lucky right? hahahahahahahaha fuck no! they have had help!
    i think thats pretty messed up that i can spend 50 fkn billion in game dollars in this absolutely broken market and cant even walk away with a fukin +6 helpyron weapon or armor!
    Sort ya shit out papayaplay this sort of bullshit just makes me so angry because you can tell mechanics are being fkn manipulated to suit a hidden agenda.
    Please fix this monstrosity or im just guna uninstall as im not wasting any more money, energy or time on this joke until its fixed as it is just an absolute disaster.
    in the mean time im guna go play something with a bit more consideration to there player base and moral compasses.
  • segywiikiesegywiikie Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I gotta agree with cesaroctavio! You GMs, just droping this shits around and you are not doing anything to improve this game, NOTHING!
    I feel like some GMs should be expeled, they not doing anything to improve nothing in game!


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