We 190+ cant farm kakao in any maps

dekaronjakedekaronjake Posts: 8Member Beginner
When i farm yesterday in different places in 5 hours like Deadlands ,Dravice,Aquarius,Mitera,Crespo abbys ,Dungeon 164 Etc. farming Areas has no kakao drops but has drop for 170 below   before in nexon even 195 can get  more drops in crespo abbys which is 130 map .and now  every weekend has 200% drop rate of c coins in Horror this problem starts when they make the new costume called curse when it was in nexon but before its easy farm for us and now ,this is the biggest problem for us farmers thats why other players tempted to do Vack hack just to satisfy drops yohoo!!!! where is the concern?  i think the gamedrop settings has been change into -200% drop so when you got 200% in weekend that would be like a normal drop only,before in nexon i can get 5-6 seed of dreams in crespo abbys when they got 200% in just 1 lure with 1 char only but now ahahah,Yes im only a one poster with the whole gamer on my side there all complaining!!!! but they dont know how


  • jamiesjamesjamiesjames Posts: 61Approved Member Beginner
    the struggle is real.

    sadly no one in papaya has care about this. No because they are soooo busy for the upcoming Act19.
    sad. very very sad. very sad.
    Dr. Strange
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