[HELP] BattlEye FAQ/TroubleShooting

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Hello Soldiers,

As you all know we implemented today (22/02/17) the new Anticheat solution from BattlEye in BlackShot Global.

If by chance you experience any problems with it we would appreciate if you could do the following:

1- Send us a support ticket with as much details as possible about your problem to allow us to help you better and also collect data on known issues:

BlackShot Global Support Ticket

2- Check the BattlEye FAQ Page on which you will find the most common known issues and also possible solutions for them:

BattlEye FAQ/TroubleShooting

3- If the problem persists, please contact BattlEye Support on this link with all the details of your problem with some printscreens of the error, mention that you play Blackshot and also your Blackshot ID:

BattlEye Support

Also please feel free to join us on our Discord on this link and our GM Team will give give you further assistance:

Blackshot Global Discord Support

Have a nice day and have fun in game!

Team BlackShot
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