[24 Fun-Filled Hours!] With [GM]

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Hello Heroes

The last weekend in February is HERE!

Lets have some fun!

For the 24 hours beginning 0:00 CEST 25 February and ending  0:00 CEST 26 February [GM]Veronica will be in game doing party dungeons, PK the GM event, scavenger hunt and other fun-filled activities with players. 

Of course she will be offering PRIZES and BUFFS to participants.

Help [GM]Veronica stay awake for 24 hours and share the last of the Valentine's Day love of Dekaron!

Hope to see you all in game!



  • [DK]Gismo[DK]Gismo Posts: 240DK Moderator, Approved Member Trainee
  • shlomi11shlomi11 Posts: 13Member Beginner
    what with the Miterras Tears Upgrade from karin ??????
    please fix it 
  • iMollyiMolly Posts: 145Approved Member
    Will there be event at certain times ? Or just every so often over the 24 hours ? I won't be able to join the fun until after work tomorrow morning. Just wondering if anything will still be going on.

    We should do Events like this at the end of every month, really good thing for the community. And I've have fun in the past myself. Even if I never won
  • [DK]Veronica[DK]Veronica Posts: 22DK Moderator Beginner

    Hey Everyone.

    It will be random events for 24 hours.

    We are at 2:50 a.m. and I just DC. Please be patient I will return.

    @ iMolly: YES we will still be going strong when you get online.  Come join the fun.

  • [DK]Veronica[DK]Veronica Posts: 22DK Moderator Beginner

    Hi Friends,

    15:00 hour and I DC again :(.

    Back with event as quickly as possible.

  • iMollyiMolly Posts: 145Approved Member
    Hope you can get back on soon. Waiting to find out what this parka event is before i make some food.
  • kayat143kayat143 Posts: 16Member Beginner
    I agree what @iMolly said that every end of the month we do event like this ..

    This event is nice by the way. ^_^

  • ireballireball Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Late reply..but have to say.. was a great event and great effort by VER!!
    I couldnt keep up and crashed!! PROPS TO VERONICA!

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