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3v3 Random Party PVP

Before we begin…
1. GM will be online as a referee to monitor each Party PVP.
2. Any means of harassment will not be tolerated and will be sanctioned accordingly.
3. GM has the right to exclude player(s) from the event should any concerns arise in conducting the event.
4. Inappropriate behavior(s) may result in exclusion from the event. These may include, but are not limited to: verbal abuse, intolerable actions, use of illegal programs, etc.
5. All results announced by the GM are final, and will not be further discussed.
6. There will be no re-match due to any circumstances. These may include, but are not limited to lag, disconnection from server, etc.
7. In case of insufficient player participation, event may be ceased during the event time as determined by the GM.

Event Info:
o GM will be present in Colosseum at Divine Valley server at the Event times.
o GM will use the Party Recruit function by randomly selecting a map of GM’s choice.
• Ex) GM may pick “Crespo” as their desired map. Players have the option to select up to 3 maps on their Party Search function. In order to join GM’s Party Recruit, you must have selected “Crespo” in one of your options.
• GM will pre-set the level requirements in Party Recruit function for each bracket to only allow eligible participants.
Ex) When GM is recruiting [A: Lv.170 ~ 185] participants, the Party Recruit will be set to level 170 ~ level 185. This means players who do not fall in between the brackets will not be able to join.
※ You will not be able to see searchable Party Recruits once the party becomes full.
o A total of 6 players will be able to join the party recruited by GM.
o First 3 players to join the party will be assigned to Team1.
o Last 3 players to join the party will be assigned to Team2.
o There will be no change in team selection once it has been decided.
o Once the teams have been decided, players are to create a party with the predetermined team members specified in the above rule.
o There will be a maximum of 4 Party PVPs (4 Party Recruits), resulting in a maximum of 24 participants per bracket per event time.
o Level brackets:
S: Lv.186 ~ 200
A: Lv. 170 ~ 185
B: Lv.150 ~ 169

o Each player may participate in the event up to 2 times during the event.

PVP Rules:
o Each Party PVP will be set to 10 minutes.
o “Win” is determined by the result indicated by Party PVP.
o In case of “Draw”, the team with more kills (as shown in the Party PVP results) will “Win”.
o In case of the above condition being incapable of determining the winning team, the team with lower average level (as determined by adding 3 player levels of each team divided by 3) will be given a “Win”, and the team with higher average level will be given a “Loss”.
o In case of the all of the above conditions being equal, GM will accommodate a re-match with same members on each team with the timer set to 5 minutes in a random Party PVP map.
o Any in-game item(s) may be used in Party PVP. These include buffs, fish, pots, etc.
o Segnale’s Revive / Recover skills can be used in Party PVP.
o It is entirely up to each player’s decision to play in the so-called “Global” or “Korean” PVP style.

★ This page may be edited, modified with or without prior notice until 11:59PM CET March 9, 2017.

Event Times:
Mar 10, 2017 (Fri)
08:00 CET / 18:00 CET

Mar 11, 2017 (Sat)
00:00 CET / 18:00 CET

Mar 12, 2017 (Sun)
00:00 CET 

Mar 10, 2017 (Fri)
02:00 EST / 12:00 EST / 18:00 EST

Mar 11, 2017 (Sat)
12:00 EST / 18:00 EST

Mar 09, 2017 (Thu)
23:00 PST

Mar 10, 2017 (Fri)
09:00 PST / 15:00 PST 

Mar 11, 2017 (Sat)
09:00 PST / 15:00 PST

Event Times has been reduced due to complications in proceeding with the Event.
Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

o Players may receive up to 2 prizes depending on the number of participations and the results.
Player wins for the first time → Winning Team Prize A
Player wins for the second time  Winning Team Prize B
Player loses for the first time → Losing Team Prize A
Player loses for the second time  Losing Team Prize B

Winning Team Prize A 
Red Dragon DK Wings Random Box x3
Holy Water of Almighty 30 days x1 
9% Socket Random Box x1 
Blacksmith’s Talisman 50% x1 
Brilliant Pumpkin Socket x1

Winning Team Prize B
Red Dragon DK Wings Random Box x2
Holy Water of Almighty 7 days x1
9% Socket Random Box x1
Blacksmith's Talisman 30% x1

Losing Team Prize A 
Holy Water of Almighty 3 days x1
Copper, Silver, Gold Argate x1 ea

Losing Team Prize B
Copper, Silver, Gold Argate x1 ea

All Prizes will be sent via Mailbox sometime next week!

Team Dekaron


  • khobra2khobra2 Posts: 85Approved Member Beginner
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    loool s this a jk ?

    randum teams to  a pvp event ? Nty we have our guilds and mmbers GL With that

    PLEASE tell me what if some one will be in a team with 2 randum 186 naked players ? WTF Is this 
  • [DK]Levante[DK]Levante Posts: 87Member, DK Moderator Beginner
    edited March 2017
    This is why we have allowed players to participate up to 2 times during the event.
    You could simply look at it as DK Square or Colosseum, where you are matched with random players in your level bracket.

    -[DK] Levante
  • MondiVGMondiVG Posts: 214Approved Member Trainee
    How about GM's vs GM's ? So players can watch when they fight better since GM's have favourite players or private wan chars and disqualifying players like they did with me.

    They made it clear for me how much hate those GM's have against some players I was ok since happen to me.

    I just wish papaya get rid of those OLD GM's we don't need them recruit new GM's then we my see something like you can tell from [DK]Levante how good is he explaying correct things what will happen with this event. 
  • CHICINCHICIN Posts: 24Member Beginner
    edited March 2017
    The prices are a joke. 3x random boxes. If The Winner opened it and Got 1days wings than its not motivation for Player to spend a lot time for That event.

    You should put more idea about the prices
  • MateaB1MateaB1 Posts: 351Approved Member Intermediate
    Nice random event. I hope that GMs will disqualify all those with no gear or deliberately loosing...
  • SojuPayToLoseSojuPayToLose Posts: 240Approved Member Trainee
    @DK Lavente i like how you trying to bring the fun back while waiting for A19 but the time set and reward Random red dk box? Lol not so good. At least give 3x perm red dk box to Top winner.
  • pangetzpangetz Posts: 16Member Beginner
    ummmmm it's way past the event time but still no one showed up to facilitate the event
    not a single gm was present. no advanced notice if event is to be cancelled
    no nothing

    good people were at the said event venue and wasted time waiting.

    nuff said..papaya fked up once more
    all people who attended must have compensation for this atleast..we were trolled 

  • MateaB1MateaB1 Posts: 351Approved Member Intermediate

    You missed GMs! They were hiding behind the statues... It's your fault obviously!
  • YerOldmanisHereYerOldmanisHere Posts: 174Member Trainee
    Good job. This is good. rules are good. i hope this will go smoothly.....I'll be there!

    Have a taste of my Kameha-meha boom boom boom.,
    Black Wizard
  • YerOldmanisHereYerOldmanisHere Posts: 174Member Trainee
    Great event haha!

    Have a taste of my Kameha-meha boom boom boom.,
    Black Wizard
  • MateaB1MateaB1 Posts: 351Approved Member Intermediate
    edited March 2017
    Cancellation of 08:00 CET morning sessions cut out many players that wanted to participate, but could not attend at other times. Why did you do that?
  • XaTTa61000XaTTa61000 Posts: 37Member Beginner
    ehm can i ask when the rewards will be given?
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