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3v3 PvP UCC Contest

What is UCC?
UCC; ‘User Created Content’
Players can create a video of the event and post their entries on Youtube.

1. Player must include [DEKARON-PAPAYAPLAY] in the title of their video upload.
• Ex) [DEKARON-PAPAYAPLAY] 3v3 Party PvP Montage
2. In the description, include the following:
• Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/DekaronPapaya/
• Official- https://dekaron.papayaplay.com/dekaron.do
3. UCC Video Entries must be submitted in BOTH of the following sites:
• Forum- http://forum.papayaplay.com/index.php?p=/discussion/354950/event-ucc-contest#latest
• Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/
4. Winners will be announced on Forum at 00:00 ~ 00:05 CET on Mar 20, 2017.
• Winners will be determined by combining [“Views” on Youtube] + [“Likes” on Forum]
• Ex) 1,000 Views on Youtube / 15 Likes on Forum ▷ 1,015 Points

Event Period:
• Submission begins at 00:00 CET on Mar 13, 2017.
• Submission ends at 23:59 CET on Mar 19, 2017.
• The date eligibility will be determined by [Published on: DATE] on Youtube.
• Early entries will be void and will not be considered as a valid entry.

1st Place
Ardeca Socket x1˚
Pet Gem of Choice x1˚˚
Platinum Bullion x15

2nd Place
Unique Pet Egg x1
Platinum Bullion x10

3rd Place
Ice Dust x5
Platinum Bullion x8

4th ~ 10th Place
Platinum Bullion x5

˚ 3% All Attack / 3% Defence
˚˚ Player may choose one of the following: 5% Melee Attack, 5% Ranged Attack, 5% Magic Attack, 5% Defense, 15% EXP, 5% Critical Rate, 5% Critical Damage, 5% Abnormal Status Resist

Team Dekaron


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