WTS/T+10 U150 Segu/+9 15x Set etc

glaine02glaine02 Posts: 14Approved Member Beginner
Wanna trade my +10 ULTIMATE 150 Scythe

Items I Need:

+9 130 OP DKsq Seg Set
+9 OP 145 Bloodwhip[9% gems]

ALSO got +9 Imperator Set[Segu 150 Set]
[Lazy to put Photos]So be it! :D

Mc1 Segu
+9 Segu Sandals
x2 +9 160 Armlets

Interested for Trades:

x2 +9 Papaya Armlets
+9 Seg Sandals
Gold wings/wod Seg

Mail/Pm me


thanks! and god bless yall!
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