Summies should have curse damage on chakras!!!!

djwafflestompdjwafflestomp Posts: 13Member Beginner
Hi! I would like to suggest that bringing back the damage on anti-resist sacra and un-force sacra having curse base dmg for both summies will give them another type of gameplay of focusing on sacras. This will bring back the 3 playstyles of summies! (Staff poison,staff curse sacras,and dualblades)

Anti-resist sacra
Lvl 1- 108 curse dmg(+100 dmg per lvl)(max of 1080 damage at lvl 10)

Un-force sacra
Lvl 1- 160 curse dmg(+200 dmg per lvl)(max of 1960 damage at lvl 10)

Dani chakra
Lvl 1- 350 curse dmg(+350 per lvl)(max of 3500 dmg at lvl 10)

*mana use will be the same. And the damage scales of curse damage.Higher spr higher dmg.

In this build summies will prioritize on debuffing and supporting allies by making enemies kill or run away from the chakras!!
Thank you! ❤
I love this game and I love both Summies!! <3 I'm back because I want to make Summies great again. I would like to add Staff curse build for summies to have another gameplay. In this case they will lose the poison damage but Anti-resist chakra will make Curse staff build viable.


  • bluekillzonebluekillzone Posts: 61Approved Member Beginner
    Chakras are already powerful as they are. Adding in curse buff and debuff wouldn't do much and would pretty much be pointless. You as a summoner don't use curse let alone any other class outside of Seg & Segu.
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