3 vs 3 Event - Winners - Fail Event

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So there has been 1 Video in the UCC Event Page for 3 days and he had over 300 views because the GM's kept on spamming their "Megaphones" for days. Of course now he is the winner.

I posted my Video even before him but you guys didnt activate the post.

That's how I and noone else had the chance to win the 1 price!

GM Levante said he will consider that when choosing the winner but in the end they didnt give a fk.

Considering that they don't care about what we say and about fair events i will stop doing any videos, live streams or anything.



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    Man i really do feel horrible about this. I have no idea why my video was approved right away and it took yours a few days. Honestly have no clue.

    I do want to point out though that i watch the analytics on my videos very closely. And papaya play as a traffic source accounted for 70% of my external traffic which was only 14% of my total traffic.

    The vast majority of my views come from my subscriber base and youtube suggestion boxes. Which is why i rarely even post videos on the forms anymore. (The nexon fourms had way more traffic)

    I completely agree that you got bs'ed by papaya on this though. There is no reason why it should have taken your video so long to be approved.

    I really hope you don't give up on your videos. I really enjoy your content and have been a longtime fan.

    Also I love your editing skills. :)

  • PlaymasterDekaronPlaymasterDekaron Posts: 14Member Beginner
    Thanks Bro :)

    And of course you deserve it.

    I am just angry about that the fact that they don't care if something is working right or not.
    Now it doesn't matter anymore where the views came from but that the company doesn't do anything for a fair event is...

    And i will stop doing videos. I made that desicion and i will stay to it.

    Love you and keep on doing videos :)


  • heildestruheildestru Posts: 167Approved Member Trainee
    HAHAHAHAHA, 'LOOOL¨ what did you even do with ya video `? mix some fights, and add sound track? atleast i spent some time on trying to fitt the moments on my song to match some battles, even tho i kinda rushed the video.
    well, atleast this event was not as fail as the other video event when it was fight night. where my video was atleast top 2 when it came down to creativity/skill yet they chose someone elses video (cause hes friends with the admins).
    from now one im not making videos for any future video events since they are all corrupted as fk.
    my videos are from now one strictly for the people that love dekaron and want some entertinment.
    Dont ever trust the Gms
    Since Gametribe opened dekaron i have allways loved to make dekaron videos,
    Hit me up for video suggestions/ideas and requests and maby il make it a reality.
    Check out my Yt channel For entertaning videos all from
    Montage parodys'
    Serious montages'
    PvP/pk/pve videos'
    and lots and lots more <3

  • [DK]Levante[DK]Levante Posts: 87Member, DK Moderator Beginner

    Firstly, we apologize in late approval of your Forum post.
    You have been given an explanation on the Event details well before the submission began.
    As I mentioned, I did take your situation into a consideration.
    To account for the 2 days that were missed due to delayed approval on Forum, we have decided to add 100 views (which was more than 25% of your total views).

    However, your views still did not have enough to take the 1st Place.

    Should you have any further questions or inquiries, please leave a message.

  • PlaymasterDekaronPlaymasterDekaron Posts: 14Member Beginner
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    100 views. wow... Whatever.

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