Best stats pls

Cobaye51Cobaye51 Posts: 25Member Beginner

I would like to learn how to handle it properly with the black Wizard, I wonder what are the best stats. Pure Spr or Hybrid?

Thank you.


  • plasman121plasman121 Posts: 14Approved Member Beginner
    Wizard needs plenty of health stat points also, I'd go hybrid :)
  • Cobaye51Cobaye51 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    how much the stat points in heath ?
  • laufililaufili Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hey fellow Wizard, I'm not an expert but I will give you my best shot at helping you!

    PURE SPR: All points added to SPR and enough STR for weapon. 0 points added to HEAL/DEX
    • High damage/ Mana
    • Low Health
    • Good for PVE
    • Greatly dependent on gear and high hits for stun locking opponent to survive in PVP/PK
    • Easily Stun-locked by damage due to low health

    PURE HEAL: ALL points added to HEAL and enough SPR/STR for weapon. 0 DEX

    • Decent Damage/Mana
    • High Health
    • Less likely to get Stun-locked by damage
    • not very good at PVE
    • survives well in PVP/PK, but depends on weapon/accessories for damage

    HYBRID:  200-300 points into HEAL and rest of points into SPR with enough STR for weapon. 0 DEX

    • Good damage
    • Good in PVE
    • Average/Low health
    • Less likely to get stun-locked by damage
    • Decent in PVP/PK, but still relies a bit more towards gear towards surviving
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