Main Quest: Hallway Master's Heart; Bug?

nubxillanubxilla Posts: 0Member Beginner
The NPC that is supposed to teleport me somewhere, doesn't. I'm not sure if there's a requirement I'm missing, but I've restarted game and abandoned/retaken quest. Can't seem to proceed at all. If maybe someone could clarify what's going on, that'd be great.


  • whxzwjnwhxzwjn Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Same thing happened to me, did you ever figure out the issue?
  • PervionPervion Posts: 0Member Beginner
    SAME here :( has anybody solve the issue ?
  • rolands123rolands123 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    same here. pls fix it dekaron team. first time before the quest i go there but when needed to complete it , cant teleport to that f..... room . thank you
  • LandiasLandias Posts: 1Member Beginner
    I have the same issue here. After I click yes, I want to enter nothing happens. 
  • balam0obalam0o Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Same here i dont know what happen
  • KiRo2814KiRo2814 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    stuck there too.... fix this ASAP
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