Two New Classes

Tooneys8Tooneys8 Posts: 0Member Beginner
Any ideas on what the new classes are going to be like (Male hunter and Male aloken)
im most intrested in the weopens they are going to use. i hope these two are different and not like the opposite sex character as like the Concerra Summoner and the Vicious Summoner Were/Are. 
im thinking the Male hunter is going to have Large Shuriken or have small ones as another class option.and his power like substance as like the mage is elemental and the summoner is from spirit realm the male hunter uses Chi to do his moves and he can use more powerful skills using Key charge as the half bagi has fury and dragon knight has rage. As another Weopen idea for either character Chakrams. just hope there good fun characters to play those are just some ideas post more ideas below

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