Why servers are 2 ticks?

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Here is the vid:

You can clearly see that blackshot client updates the information from server twice in a second.  This leads to 2 ticks server.

How about to invest money in the server instead of your pockets? 


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    Fair enough, RaVenR. xD 
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    I've seen that post and with the particular problem you are talking of BS having 64 ticks server.  If it would be 32 ticks then no one would complain about it.

    Apparently it's just 1-2 ticks all the time now.  I think the developers and game owners have abandoned the Europe's BS. They will release the updates because the Asian Blackshot is still fine, but they are spending the minimum on European version. 

    Community is dead because of the same reason: less people complain less work to do.  

    Raven, on your own post that you just quoted is no response from BS team with the commentaries.  And the post is there since February.  This forum design is also quite shit to be honest.  It's impossible to find the stuff here, it's super slow and it lags.  Also, it reveals the login name when you comment here.  But like I said, this all has been made to pay as less as possible and to not do any work.

    @ All and especially devs:

    Watch this at 0.25 speed on YouTube.  Video is 1400p 60fps, so it will not be choppy at quarter speed:

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    A half year has passed but the servers are still 2 ticks:

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    lost hope for this game haiz
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    U r wasting ur time here :'D

    Rest In Peace Billy :'(
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