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Hi guys, I've been accused many many times now, as a lot of good players aswell I guess. But more recently DSH-Elko had suspicions on me when I was playing AWP gold, about my switching speed. 
  So I recorded a first video with AWP gold, and then with the M24 AS, I wanted to show you guys my vision of the game when I'm playing.

  I'll maybe do very soon a finger cam, when you can see my hand pressing the buttons =).

  I apologies for the quality, but with a 500MB graphic gard and 1.60Ghz process, this is not that easy.

  Make sure to share and tell I'm not this type of player.

AWP gold : 

M24 As : 

Regard, Jeff17


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    Topic moved to the proper section.

    Nice videos Jeff ! :)

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    Oh yes, sorry about the wrong section, good to know !

      Thank you for watching !
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