May as well start software overclocking!

Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 45Member Beginner
Why play fair when so many are running the game faster then standard. If someone is able to take a base that should cap in 10-seconds for everyone, but they are able to cap it in 8-seconds is this not classed as cheating? They may not have a loader open in the background or be using any kind of hack. But they are cheating and nothing gets done about it. 

Why are theses players not being banned? is it because they spend money each month? because there a high level? or because they have a lengthy amount of time invested into the game? 

If  there capping a base 2 seconds faster then normal then what else is also effected in game by this increase of speed? Faster shooting? faster running? a faster update to the server>? Why are the programs that allow this not blacklisted from running when the game is open. 

Why when clear video evidence is submitted does nothing ever happen to theses players? If there able to run a program and increase there overall speed then. 

Then why not do the same?

There cheating and nothing gets done about it!!!
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  • SirJuxSirJux Posts: 26Member Beginner
    Can you leave your negativity into the NX times and just be patient? Papaya hasn't even taken it over yet and already you complain here. You know damn well that nothing will happen until NX has handed the game completely over.

    Im afraid that  the flood of reports Papaya will get will shock them.
  • KillingtimeKillingtime Posts: 50Member Beginner
    Yeah what @SirJux said, I know you are angry because your favorite game is not doing well, I've been there too, but yeah you shouldn't rage at Papaya, instead go ahead and explain the problems nicely and offer solutions etc.
    If you go ahead and read about other titles at Papaya, you will see that they might actually do something.

    So why not edit this thread and the post and explain about ovc instead.

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    Best of waiting and see what they've got up there sleeve, hopefuly Papaya have a strong ban policy or stronger 'infractions' for players that abuse these rules.

    EDIT :

    Stolen from WarRock PH, we need something like this stated on the website or forums and pinned and then people know what to expect if they actually do certain acts in game.

    I think this is quite a fair banning system to be honest.

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  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 45Member Beginner
    I am angry that theses cheats dont ever get banned and are aloud to continue playing all the while running the game faster then everyone else. Even when there is clear video evidence provided to prove they are running the game faster, nothing is done about it.

    Would it be so hard for a GM to follow them, record them and test there timings then issue a ban once there found to be running the game faster then it should be? Or does no one care? but you pop a loader open and opk then they get banned but running the game faster and cheating in this manor is okay

    A 10 second flag should be just this 10 seconds, not 9 not 8 but 10 

    If they are not going to start punishing players for software overclocking which is the cause for the increased speed then you have to ask

    Why not do it too?

    But the bigger question is why the hell are theses players not being banned????????

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  • KillingtimeKillingtime Posts: 50Member Beginner
    Nexon didn't care, that's why.

    They knew they were gonna sell the game off so they didn't want to waste time and money into fixing something that they will get rid off, with Papaya we have a new chance, if it seem like they don't care about things like this quickly enough, then its just better to leave the game, but I think they will do a good job.
  • PonuryPonury Posts: 90Member Beginner
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    Well, "nexon attitude" will completely destroy this game in less than 1 year. I think Papaya know this very well, otherwise they wouldn't buy a game to destroy it completely..
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  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 45Member Beginner
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    Nothing I like more then every other game playing against know over-clockers, blatant cheats i can handle least they get kicked or banned. But someone running the game faster is not punished. 

    So its okay for some players to run the game faster and not be banned?? I would like an answer because if there allowed to do this and nothing comes of it. 10% - 15% - 20% -25% boost over standard players capping bases in 8 seconds while it take me 10 seconds

    Well why not join them? if theses players are not going to be punished.

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  • KillingtimeKillingtime Posts: 50Member Beginner
    I heard that they have done something about OVC in their other title Blackshot, so surely they will do it with WR too!
  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 45Member Beginner
    Why should they be allowed to have this advantage and not receive a ban for it. 

    I just want a strait answer... YES we will be banning with clear video evidence. Or NO they wont be doing anything about these players. 

    Will continue to bump this till i gain an answer. 
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  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 45Member Beginner
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    Page 3 makes some interesting reading. 

    Again, why is nothing being done about theses cheats. One video shows an account overclocked in 2014 yet we are in 2017 now and still that account is ruining the game faster then it should be but the account is still active and no punishment has come. 

    There are clearly programs available that are not blacklisted from running in the back ground when warrock is open. Programs that can quite easily been seen by theses and other videos that give a player an advantage. Why are these programs not being blocked from running in the background even if it effects legit people who use them. 

    There are ways to overclock both cpu and gpu without it causing any effect to the games speed. 

    There cheating and nothing is done about it!!!

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  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 45Member Beginner
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    27% overclock and pulling these types of scores. Its almost impossible to play against due to the speed which this player does everything. 

    Again why not do this myself,  if theses cheating players are not being dealt with?
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  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 45Member Beginner
    There are plenty more in game playing daily and not being punished. This is clearly cheating. 

    Papaya  / vertigo I hope your planing on sorting this out. Hacks get banned but theses players running the game faster seem to be allowed to get away with a form of cheating that does have a massive impact on the game. 

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  • SirJuxSirJux Posts: 26Member Beginner
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    Yup, im expecting them to be banned also within first month after papaya takes over. Even stopped playing until the time they take over, because it really gets out of hand. Having 3 players with 20%+ ovc in enemy team, while one of them mode taps you through hills is just too much.

    I suggest you do the same. Stop playing vs them or just stop complaining until papaya has a say in this.
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