High Monks Alliance Recruiting

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We have 2 guilds:

1.ShaolinShadowBoxing guild is almost level 9, this guild will be used for pvp buffs, level requirement for this guild is 180+ and donation requirement for this guild is 75m/week, and 500k adv/week

2.CancerBrigade guild is level 2 right now, this guild will be used for pve buffs, level requirement for this guild is 165+ and a donation of 250k adv points/week(once the guild goes level 5+ we will add as a requirement a 10m/week donation, and 9+ 50m/week) . This guild will be used for MDQ, Perp farming, adv farming, and everything that's pve-related.

Note1: We talked to someone who has a higher level guild, to join the alliance and make his guild the pve guild (his guild level is 6), however at the moment hes a bit busy right now, but there are high chances that he joins, and everyone will be transferred there, if he does. If he doesn't, we will just level up the pve guild ourselves.
Same donations and level requirement will be applied.

Note2: Even if the first guild is a pvp-oriented guild, members here are still doing dungeons, and we will do alliance dungeon runs,like 185, sc, or 190 when it will be added back, and if you are 180+, and you have no need for the pve buff, but you wanna farm your perp, you can join this one instead of the pve guild.

Note3: We use discord to communicate. Joining discord is not mandatory, but it is recommended for a better gaming experience.

If you're interested in joining us, please leave a reply with your ign, or look in game for: Hamilton, Daamskuss, AvatarKora, BGShooter, Tetrix, JoTaeN, GITGUDD or PinkyPeace.


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