Flag of War (win) problem

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Since Papaya introduced the new version of Flag of War and did not bother to offer owners of old versions to upgrade somehow, I tried my luck with Trieste Gold Boxes. After 972 unsuccessful attempts (did not get even timed version!), I decided to offer my precious Trieste Armlets to lucky ones in exchange. If anyone is interested, please tell me. Ty.


P.S. transaction done, don't write to me any more, ty


  • iknowyouiknowyou Posts: 66Member Beginner
    972 lol 

    papaya so happy
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  • h2obrrh2obrr Posts: 290Approved Member Intermediate
    I Feel your pain, ty god for stopping me at 120 boxes.

    Side note:

    I dont see why people complain about old and new flag, they are entirely different items. There is no why to have upgrade. It is like asking "can I upgrade a Blue DK to a Red DK wings?" Non-sense.
  • MondiVGMondiVG Posts: 210Approved Member Trainee
    I only can advise that don't bother buy keys to open gold boxes its like 99.9% NO maybe 00.1% you my get it.
  • hovnocucakhovnocucak Posts: 21Member Beginner
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    oh damn, this is just perfect example how cancerous random boxes are and how fked up the game is right now because of that lol.
    1k euros wasted for nothing, gf papaya
    Thank god i did not spend a single penny on this crap
  • olvag01olvag01 Posts: 112Approved Member Trainee
    Same here . I open over 560 gold boxes and I get only timed new wings

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  • rayownsallrayownsall Posts: 33Member Beginner
    the rates was leaked, top prize for random boxes are 0.01%.

    side story. The guy who leaked the rates, gm said wasn't true, original poster said you can check rates yourself by going into game files, gm then replied "Going into game files can lead to perma ban" forum lol'd.
  • heildestruheildestru Posts: 167Approved Member Trainee

    i myself opend about 400-500 boxes, and got 2x mecha and 3x 30d war flag, and i thought that was absolute SH1T, totaly wasted cash ( even tho like 150x i bought in game from other players )

    anyway DONT* trade ya trieste's for the flag,
    Flag price drops more and more every week, also there will be more events in future where u will be able to get it,
    eventualy it will be down to 25-35b while trieste's will only rise and rise since the NPC is gone, and god knows when they will add it back.. even if not they are steady at 25-35b ea, Just my thought.
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  • TomoriTomori Posts: 560Approved Member Intermediate
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    As far as the specific item (Flag of War) has a huge demanding why the developers do not release it for a solid price in dshop? 
    (Would love to see an event that you have to collect materials in order to craft your own wings instead of buying them from dshop but i doubt this will ever happen despite the tons of suggestions that they have been made.)
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  • KleptoManiaKleptoMania Posts: 155Member Trainee
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    Got 4 flags perm when they first came out. I opened about 150 boxes.
  • pescasefuzpescasefuz Posts: 126Approved Member Trainee
    with the risk to be hated/flamed, you guys are just dumb...investing hundreds/thousands of $ in some random boxes made from pixels with lower rate than casino slot machines.
    truth and solution is simple -> when players will stop buying those random boxes, the sellers will stop selling it. simple as that.

    sorry for your $
  • SojuPayToLoseSojuPayToLose Posts: 239Approved Member Trainee
    Lol just put solid package price for the flag of war win in dshop.
  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 196Approved Member Trainee
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    @MateaB1 Well, I don't see why there should be an option to upgrade the old flag of war to the new one, as @h2obrr already said, they are different items. 

    @SojuPayToLose @Tomori They won't add those wings to dshop, for a fixed price, because it would be less profitable for them, and if you try to look at things from their point of view, strictly as a business company, neither would you.

    I mean, only from what I saw on this thread, just 5 players opened over 2.000 boxes. (972 matea, 450 destru, 560 olga, 120 h2o, 150 klepo). That's over 100 key packs used, or, 200.000 dkcoins. And just 1 guy claimed that he won 4 flags, while the others said that they didn't got any flag. So that's 4 flags for 200.000 dkcoins, or 1 flag for 50.000 dkcoins. (I know that this is a very raw approximation, as there isn't enough data on this, but it will have to do for now)

    I'm assuming, that, when you guys said "solid price" you probably had in mind something like 4.000 dkcoins, the same amount used for wukong costume, or the cursed costume. But, as you can see, by using the randombox method, they can obtain more money for those wings.
  • YerOldmanisHereYerOldmanisHere Posts: 170Member Trainee
    RNG shit is the blood of Papaya

    if you stop buying this random boxes, you will kill our game. They will either pass/sell this game to other company or will just permanently close the server T_T)

    ....still, RNG is bs. I'm glad I had dills to buy me my own wing.

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  • TomoriTomori Posts: 560Approved Member Intermediate
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    As far as they are people that donate hundreds/thousands in the game in order to try their luck in random boxes, surely, mine and yours expectations to see an item in Dshop such as Flag Of War (win) for a solid price is close to impossible. I have once recommended at the past that 3 methods can be used in order to sell an item and that's by selling it for a solid price, random boxes or be farmed in the game. I doubt this method will ever be applied but it should be the best for us the players and for the company.
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  • hovnocucakhovnocucak Posts: 21Member Beginner
    the worst thing is they still do not get it that if the community is happy, then ppl are more likely to spend money on this game. Instead of that they just milk very few ppl that try their luck on boxes and those ppl just get dissapointed and get mad at this game and most likely are not gonna spend any penny anymore.
    As a example, friend of mine spent 300 euros on pet eggs and after getting only sh1t pets, he decided not to spend more money on this game, but surely over time he would have spend on this game way more than just those 300 euros, so papay just made high profit from this guy right now, but in future they will lose and by future i mean like 6 months.
  • PauliokaszPauliokasz Posts: 55Approved Member Beginner
    Same with new weapons, how many of u farmed 300 seeds? xD
  • zestiazestia Posts: 55Approved Member Beginner
    if the offer is still up im willing to trade my flag
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