2moons/Dekaron Please read

kewlguy1kewlguy1 Posts: 35Member Beginner
My name is David I love this game every time I try to uninstall I always come back! I played back when the level cap was 131 and getting your wings in 102 in Parca was a big deal. People would work hard in Crespo C'runs as we called them for Coppers or if you were lucky to get a silver. I am sure like most of you on here you had made great friends and maybe you wish you still played with them. 

HELP ME bring back our old days, currently I have a lot of time on my hands what I am trying to say is help me bring a voice back to this game. We need exposure of this game from everywhere, lets flourish this game back to where it was. If you remember loving this game and it meant something to you then listen up.

How can you help us? It's easy.

I have a twitch account, if you are not familiar with twitch its a website where you can live stream games in real time. Sign up for a Twitch account and follow me I will streaming Dekaron every day for 8 hours but I need your support. How? Simply by putting a tab open for my page weather you're watching or not it helps the stream. Im not saying its going to be easy but I will work hard to advertise by playing live and so called "plant the seed" he me water it. I know we can do it. 

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