Rank#1 ProsRUs Guild

WeaponXavierWeaponXavier Posts: 16Member Beginner
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ProsRUs Guild
...The key to success $$

This is an experienced guild made when the OGP (R.I.P.) server started which has a lot of knowledgeable players transferring over. Basically, regardless of being a new or old player you'll fit in. Fun guild with players of all ages, a discord server, active, crop, and also PvPs



  • Batfly30Batfly30 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I'd like to join :3
  • KunjaroKunjaro Posts: 0Member Beginner
    You know I'm in. That philosophical channel on the discord will keep me around long as well.

    And new or old, we're all noobs now anyways :D No funds = no pro

  • jackle34jackle34 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Old OGP player :/ I’m looking to leave my inactive guild and join looking for people to grind with :)
    LVL 187 psykicker IGN: Ssaucyy
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