Infiniti [Level 13 Guild]

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Hi, Tabi here!
Infiniti guild is off to a great start!  :)

We are accepting main, active characters.

Friends, both new and old, are welcome to join us!

Please contact:

Scott for an invite.


  • BehoimiBehoimi Posts: 48Member Beginner
    Wait for mua tabi, i am downloading the game. . . yet. . . (~°3°)~
  • FlippehdFlippehd Posts: 5Member Beginner
    Your guildmate TwistedFate is here! I'll be back online in a few hours! Work sucks!
  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Nice to see you Etna and TwistedFate!

  • OceanbladeOceanblade Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Gale here! Had a bit of a late start due to work, will get in touch in a couple hours :)
  • OceanbladeOceanblade Posts: 2Member Beginner
    edited June 2017
  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Welcome back Gale!  Glad to have you back in the guild.  :)
  • CowTamerCowTamer Posts: 10Member Beginner
    Hey Thanks for the add guys!

    Excited to Spend my time in Infiniti and hope to be here a long time:)

                                     ~ Witcher
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    Hello LaTaler's!

    One week in and the guild is nice and full at the moment.  <3

    Any further members at this time will be on a case by case basis.

    Thank you for your interest.

  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Bump for level 13 guild now.

  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    For some reason it won't let me edit the title post.

    Bump for level 14 guild.

  • BehoimiBehoimi Posts: 48Member Beginner
    \(°0°)/! 14 imma keep doing coa cause i want to lvl thats why i dont do to much expert and HC xD
  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Still unable to edit first post.

    Level 15 guild now!
  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Results from our first guild event (this time it was gp)!

    1.  Stark
    2.  Kyogiri
    3.  RagingHamster
    4.  666
    5.  Moonbyul
    6.  Fate

    Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work and helping to make the guild even stronger!

  • CerberusJackCerberusJack Posts: 0Member Beginner
    i'd love to join a active guild, with starting over and all would make things more fun, characters name is JackCerberus, im going for bard right now
  • AegelweardAegelweard Posts: 351Member Intermediate
    Could you, please, provide any kind of information about your guild?

    Level/gp requirements, crop frequency and times, goals you aim for, etc?
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  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Guild is level 15 +88% atm.  Still unable to edit original post.

    There is no level requirement to join.  Although I really do like and appreciate gp, there is no gp requirement.  We have had a gp event already with nice prizes.  I am considering another event soon.

    My goal is 5 crops per week.  At the moment due to the kindness of many nice guild member donations we are indeed doing them daily.  They vary between Boss and Spa.  A few members love spa for the lazy experience gain.  Many members prefer boss in order to get their guild gem set and other items with the guild coins.  At this point the times still vary.  We've done them from 11am PST all the way to midnight, PST.  I do allow the person who donates to pick the time, within reason.

    We have a guild discord.  Joining it is voluntary.

    The main requirement would be:  Be Active.  The Vices, Guild and I have had to decide on a 14 day limit on being inactive at this point.  I would highly encourage anyone who does join and needs to be away for more than a few days to mail me beforehand if possible so that I can take that into consideration.

    The guild is completely full 100/100 at this point with just 3 members approaching the 14 day inactive window.  We have 2 people on the waiting list to join.

    Yes, we are very full and very active and I love it.  :)
    Our members range from some doing Ymir and Roads to others doing Palace, Lab, City Hall, Myst Hall, etc.  The main focus of some (by choice) is gp.  For others it is PvP.  For others it is leveling and completing more and more difficult dungeons.

    Thank you for your interest.  It may take a day or two to get people in because the guild is happily bursting at the seams with active members.  However, if you'd like to make Infiniti your new home please let me or one of our current guild members know.

    Tabii ~
  • Mcubas01Mcubas01 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    hi i would like to join my ign is XxKiritoxX and im active also just came back to latale to have fun and meet new ppl.
  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Papaya still won't allow us to edit main post.

    Guild is now level 17.

    We have space for a few ACTIVE MAIN CHARACTERS.  No alts, please.

  • MrAddisonMrAddison Posts: 2Member Beginner
    I'd be happy to join if you're taking in newbies as well?
    I really want to make a Templar so so badly so I'm pretty sure I'll be active, most definitely :)
    So yeah, if you want to take in a future active Templar, count me in =D

    (Though I will be looking through other guilds too so it's a "first come first serve" basis for me <3)
  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Infiniti is level 18 guild now.  :)

    We have 1-2 spots for players who will be active!
  • JellyDonutJellyDonut Posts: 44Member Beginner
    Bump for infiniti :X best guild(In my opinion anyway)

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  • foxyblazefoxyblaze Posts: 5Member Beginner
    can i join
  • FantasyHeartFantasyHeart Posts: 39Member Beginner
    Congrats to Raymond on CR!  :)

    Infiniti is now a level 19 guild and accepting active players.  :)
  • chronofoxchronofox Posts: 8Member Beginner
    Are u guys still looking for others to join im in need of a guild just started back lv 90some right now tring to lv as fast as  i can to at least try to hit 140+ today. ill mite be in game  hit me up ign Crisscross
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